How Standout Signage Increases Donations

This weeks art gallery series is a slight change of pace, we decided to check with existing Art Gallery DipJar customers and see how they’re doing. Checking in allows us to maintain our customer relationship, get updates on how things are going, and assist with any questions the customer may have. We want to make sure that your DipJar is in good working condition, but that you’re successful with it too!

We were amazed by the responses and it was nice personally hearing how customers were doing. Across the board the overarching theme was signage. And more specifically when organizations link a specific outcome or beneficiary to a donation people felt more compelled to contribute. Sharing these great stories on linking donations to outcomes can serve an asset to ANY organization whether they have a DipJar or not!  

Here’s how they are doing:

Fusebox: This year Fusebox tested out their new DipJars at the 2017 Fusebox Festival. The DipJars were constantly on the move over the five-day festival spanning over 19 different venues across Austin in galleries, theatres, museums, and their late night hub. Fusebox recently transitioned to make the event admission free, so now they really try to capture donations inside the event.

People loved the concept of the DipJar and when it wasn’t around said, "Hey where's those cool card dip thingies?". Fusebox used their DipJars at bars for $5 and $8, and placed them different venues at $5 and $13 (picked because it was their 13th year). The highest frequency of dips they ended up having was when the DipJar was connected to a specific artists and the proceeds went to them. 

Lawndale Art Center: The Lawndale Art Center built a beautiful podium to help their DipJar stand out in the entryway as a way to encourage guests to donate for visiting their center. We love how they customized their DipJar and connected the act of dipping directly to admissions.

Art House Cinema and Pub: As a beautifully preserved nonprofit independent film theater, the Art House Cinema and Pub linked their DipJar to their future expansion! Set up on the counter where people purchase tickets, beer, and wine they are encouraged to support phase two of their expansion.

Behind the DipJar in the main room they have information on display for guests understand where their donation is going. The Art House Cinema and Pub is hoping to build three more screens, convert the original room into a gathering area and start to serve artisan food for guests. We hope the DipJar can help them get there!

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts: They use their DipJar for everything! The LA County High School for the Arts is great at using their DipJar for a multitude of specific things to support their cause.

“LACHSA uses DipJars for ticket sales to shows, selling school merchandise, concessions, carnivals, meal and drink tickets at events, and for taking donations. The DipJar is by far the fastest way to collect money off of credit cards and our #1 choice as a selling tool. We are now the happy owner of three DipJars and our supporters very pleased with the speed of our lines!”Lorelei McCollough

We are so grateful for our amazing customers who are just as excited by DipJar as we are. Thank you for staying connected and sharing your story with us!