How to Fundraise at Conferences and Conventions

Child's Play, a game industry charity, had a booth at a 4 day gaming convention, PAX East. Their fun and interactive fundraising strategy brought in $3,460 with $20 dips! Watch the video and keep scrolling to learn more:

Child's Play at PAX EAST

Child's Play's goal is to improve the lives of children in network hospitals by providing them with toys and games. A video game convention is the perfect place to find donors who connect with the cause. However, with thousands of booths and activities, it's hard to stand out amongst the crowd of virtual reality, costumes and gaming displays. 

dipjar and DipCast

People would vote before they even know what the charity was because they were so engaged by the game
— Erick Blandin, Program Director

DipJar and DipCast made Child's Play stand out and exceed their goal of $3,000 by helping them bring in $3,460 in $20 dips! Donors voted for their favorite video game franchise by dipping in the corresponding DipJar. Beyond the instant feedback of the lights and sound, donors could see their donation make an impact on the voting tally. The vast majority of people attending PAX East knew nothing about Child's Play or their mission before arriving at the event. DipJar and DipCast helped spark a conversation to spread the word about getting involved with this incredible charity. Learn more about Child's Play here

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