How to Fundraise Every Day with Little to No Effort

Jared Walker of Dollar For Portland has 6 EASY STEPS for any nonprofit to collect donations using DipJar every single day with minimal manpower, and a HUGE return on investment. When you're not holding events, approach businesses to get your DipJars collecting donations at all times.

6 Easy Steps Every Nonprofit Should Follow:


1. Partner with a Business, And Stop Using iPads to Collect Donations

Approach a business and ask them if they'd like to help you fundraise with your DipJar. iPads tend to get in the way of the store's flow and environment. No one likes to put in a ton of effort typing in their information.

2. Make it Easy as Possible: Train the Staff

Make sure the staff understand how to ask people to plug your nonprofit. Hopefully, the lights and sounds of the DipJar will get everyone and their friends to dip at least once! Ask to set up a promotion to get customers coming back for more. "Donate $5 and you get a free beer at your next visit!"

3. Design Vouchers for the Shop's Promotion


Again, make the shop do as little work as possible. Make vouchers to act as coupons for every time someone Dips in your DipJar. Shops love when people have a reason to come back again and again. And if they can accomplish this while doing good for your nonprofit, then it looks good for everyone!


4. At First, Only Ask For a Couple of Hours  

It's best to start small, then work your way up. Give businesses an easy proposition that is hard to decline. Ask to have your DipJar on the counter for 2 Hours, then ask for increases in time from there. Don't ask them to marry you on the first date!

5. Accommodate the Business's Needs. They're Doing You a Favor Ya Know!

If they want you to get there before opening at 6am to train the staff, by all means make the sacrifice! You want to be the shop manager's best friend. Just think to yourself, "How can I make them love my nonprofit as much as I do?" 

6. Use DipJar to Expand Your Nonprofit. Be 2 Places at Once! 

Trying to expand, but have no dedicated employees? You can get DipJars in several locations without having to physically be there. DipJar is the perfect tool for small nonprofits to expand. Jared Walker of Dollar For Portland is a self proclaimed "one man show" and is planning on expanding to a total of 3 major cities on the West Coast without hiring a large amount of employees, and keeping costs down in the process.