5 Tips to Get Raffle Prize Donations


A raffle is a low-effort way to rack in donations at events, big or small. One tricky piece is finding prizes that make participation worthwhile for the donor. There are so many generous companies out there who are happy to contribute, so here are some tips to score the best raffle prizes for your next event:

1. Use Your Network

No matter what you’re doing, your network is usually the best place to start! Companies and businesses are much more likely to give to their friends and families than a complete stranger. Have your team (and yourself) comb your contact lists. You never know who will have connections to snag baseball tickets or restaurant gift cards. Ask your donors as well! Having your donors help find raffle prizes is a great way to shake up their traditional role of giving monetary donations.

2. Personalize your asks

Looking for raffle prize donations will be a long, and sometimes tedious, process. You may be tempted to resort to copying and pasting generic ask letters, don’t do this! Companies and local businesses don’t want to feel like they’re being used. If possible, stop into the establishment and make the ask in person. This more personal experience will set you apart from the other organizations making the same request. If an in-person visit isn’t possible, a phone call is the next best thing!

3. Be Specific, but also be open!

It’s awkward asking for donations, and soliciting raffle prizes is no different. We know how effective it is to be specific in a monetary donation ask, so follow the same formula while looking for raffle prizes. Make the ask specific to help cut down on as much friction as possible. However, make sure to keep an open mind! Smaller donations you receive can be combined in a basket to make a more appealing prize!

4. Know Your Donors

It’s always tempting to aim for the raffle prizes that look great on paper. While a weekend getaway sounds nice, that may not be exactly what your particular demographic is looking for. The best raffle prizes will be the ones that appeal to the guests at your event, not the ones with the highest price tag! Ask around or send out a survey to see what your donor base will be the most interested in.

5. Form Long Term Corporate Partnerships

You already know it’s important to form strong, long-term relationships with your donors, so why not do the same with corporate partners! Now more than ever companies are looking to demonstrate their commitment to helping the community, and there is no better way to do that then by partnering with local nonprofits. Approach local companies and start a discussion. There are several ways in which you’ll be able to help each other (raffle prize donations definitely being one of them!) Check out this case study to help you get started! 

Raffle Ideas:

Raffles are an old standby, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and innovative too! Here are a couple ideas to revamp your next raffle:

The Key Game

Instead of receiving raffle tickets, have donors donate to receive a key! Put prizes in plexiglass boxes and mix together the real keys with some fake ones. At the end of the night, the donors will try their keys until you find the winners!

Pick an Envelope

For this raffle style, everybody is a winner! Put gift cards in discrete envelopes. Instead of receiving a raffle ticket, each donor will receive an envelope with a prize. The twist is some prizes will be worth a lot, while others will be duds!


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