Instagram: The Key to Millennial Support for Your Nonprofit

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These days Instagram has practically taken over the social media world. With 800 million users, Instagram is the platform of choice for a majority of millennials. This image-focused social media platform is only on the rise and expected to continue growing. Along with this growth, comes the opportunity for your Nonprofit to create an account and connect with current supporters and even gain supporters through your posts.  

Whether or not your nonprofit has joined the bandwagon, here’s all you need to know about Instagram and it’s benefits:

Who Will Instagram Help You Market to?

The 800 million-plus Instagram users are:

  • Predominantly female

  • 77.6 million users in the US

  • 32% of all internet users are on Instagram

  • More than 50% are under 30 years old

Why Instagram:

This social media platform is a photo-focused sharing platform. Users upload pictures and videos (up to a minute) and share them either publicly or privately. There are two ways to post on Instagram: as a permanent post or as an “Instagram Story” which disappears after 24 hours. For maximum views on a post, users can tag friends or use hashtags. A “hashtag” is a keyword of the post that is tagged and put into a feed of other posts with that tag. For example, if you were to use #nonprofit on your post, your post would show up in the feed of all posts that used #nonprofit. Instagram is the best way to get concise and fun content out to your supporters.

This visually-focused platform is a great way to engage potential and current supporters. Instagram stands out as a concise and aesthetically pleasing platform among other platforms like Facebook and Twitter which can become cluttered with text. Anyone can share their story via photo or video, whether that be the food they're eating, the concert they’re attending, or the cause they’re supporting!

What does this mean for your nonprofit?

Good news! Instagram can help increase your online presence and expand your reach to millennials and more! If you want to gain visibility with younger donors and volunteers, Instagram is the way to do it. Instagram photos and videos get 2x the engagement of any other social media site's posts. Engage with your followers and inform them on how to get involved. Increase your relevance in today’s tech-centered world. Something as simple as an Instagram account can increase your publicity by an impactful measure.

Instagram Benefits:

Instagram is a smart social media platform to use to increase your publicity. Here are some benefits:

  1. Evoke Emotion: Instagram is simply another vessel for nonprofit storytelling. Keep followers engaged with success stories, profiles on people you’ve helped, and more.

  2. Illustrate Your Work: Create a person-to-person connection by showing supporters a behind-the-scenes look at your organization. On top of graphs, infographics and blog content from your other marketing strategies, Instagram allows the addition of a personal connection.

  3. Keep Followers Updated: You should post often to keep your followers and supporters up to date with your newest ideas. Try not to post too often, like multiple times a day.

  4. Post In Real-Time: On top of summarizing events in weekly newsletters, your nonprofit can now post live from the event and even create a live broadcast with Instagram live!

  5. Increased Visibility: To increase your post visibility tagging and hashtagging is your go-to. Tags connect people with your posts while hashtags detail the message behind your post. Tagging another nonprofit (using @ symbol) increases engagement by 56%. Posts with a hashtag (#) experience a 12.6% spike in engagement.

Two Things to Note Before You Create an Account:

  1. Time: A successful Instagram presence requires a time commitment. This requires regular (every other day or weekly) upkeep and posting.

  2. Content: Instagram allows you to post videos and photos. Think about if you’ll have enough images or videos to keep your supporters engaged.

As Instagram continues to grow, you may want to consider creating an account for your Nonprofit. The key to increasing your organization's support and visibility is in your hands.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!