So you just raised $3M. Now what? Fidget Spinners?

We are fortunate enough to highlight another great story for our series showcasing museums and educational nonprofits! The International Tennis Hall of Fame upgraded the entire museum and we love their smart approach to attract groups and encourage more social participation with the changes. 

So you just brought in $3,000,000 with the skills you learned from the DipJar Fundraising Experts. Are you struggling with how to use it now? Thinking about a trip to Vegas? We have three words for you: Roger Federer Hologram.

Stand in the presence of the 17-time Grand Slam tennis super star, watch his technique and listen to quirky personal stories with the new hologram experience. After a 3 million dollar renovation the The International Tennis Hall of Fame is revamped and ready for visitors! 

The technology driven layout maintains the attention of even the most distracted millennials, who care more about their fidget spinners than anything else going on. The Hall of Fame does a fantastic job explaining the relevance of tennis around the world and even displays live scores of games going on around the world. 

Awkward team bonding business trips are also less painful with the new renovation. Now, co-workers can challenge each other to games on the 5 foot touch screen table or broadcast a tennis match. 

If you still just need to get away from that annoying co-workers there are more than 2,000 objects on display to keep you distracted.  The international Tennis Hall of Fame  has an immense collection of 25,000 artifacts letting them rotate the information keeping the museum fresh and ever changing.

So when you're tennis loving boss drags everyone out on another trip, you'll have something new to see every time! 

touch table.jpg

It was great learning about all of the new changes The International Tennis Hall of Fame made to their museum. Increasing social participation and visitor engagement was a main two goals of the renovation that we really appreciated. Along with daily museum tours the Hall of Fame does so much wonderful outreach work within their community. Thanks for sharing your story!