How to Make DipJar Pay for Itself

Maximize ROI with DipJar - The Ultimate Guide

August 6, 2020

Our goal is to make fundraising easier for our clients, whether it’s through our DipJar connected device or Spark, our online platform. The device enables cashless generosity for engaging, joyful, and frictionless donations while Spark allows you to capture more donations by promoting your giving campaign on any screen or online.

We know that DipJar and Spark will help you raise more funds, but we also understand that purchasing a DipJar subscription might seem like an obstacle. So, we want to give you ideas to cover the cost of your purchase and how to put our products to good use to make sure they lead to More Giving Moments!

Cover Your Costs

You likely already have corporate partners who support your organization's work through event sponsorships, so why not ask them to Sponsor a DipJar! By covering the purchase cost of your DipJar, your sponsor is facilitating your organization to increase fundraising. After just a few months of use, you'll be able to prove this through your DIpJar results. As an additional sponsor perk, add the sponsor's company name and logo to any signage you place with your DipJar.

Put your Jar to Work!

We know the climate created by COVID-19 has required our clients to get creative with fundraising, but that doesn't mean you can't still use your DipJar. It’s time to take it out of the closet and put it to work! Added Benefit: Your DipJar is a sanitary way to accept donations during the pandemic. The donor can make a contactless, safe donation by simply dipping their credit card!

COVID-19 Friendly DipJar Fundraising:

  • Lend your DipJar to a volunteer who can take it to their workplace to host a mini fundraiser. Remember when you paid $5 to dress down at school? We're willing to bet that professionals will donate $5 to your organization for the opportunity to dress down at work!
  • Ask a local coffee shop to place your DipJar on their register counter for a Charity Month.
  • Create an outdoor fundraising event! While many events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, outdoor events will not only help you to stay on track with fundraising, but will also keep your donors safe.

  • Fitness Class. Everyone's doing their best to stay active during COVID-19, so why not host an outdoor, socially-distanced yoga class or bootcamp? Make it a donation based class & use your DipJar to accept payments outside.
  • Yard Sale. Ask your volunteers to clean out their closets and host a large yard sale that benefits your organization! Your DipJar will make it easy for shoppers to checkout & donate.
  • Lemonade Stand. Without summer camps, parents are looking for ways to keep their kids busy - and what's better than giving kids an activity while also teaching them the importance of giving back?! DipJar will make collecting donations as easy as squeezing a lemon!

Create a Spark with your Supporters!

Did you know that clients who use Spark see almost 7 times the amount of donations versus clients who use the DipJar alone?! Donors like to be engaged during the giving process and know that their funds are being used for specific causes, so choose a compelling story to capture your donor's attention. Be clear on what you will do with the funds & watch your Spark thermometer gets closer and closer to your goal!

Not sure how to tell your organization's story? Check out our previous blog posts on Storytelling best practices: 8 Tips for Nonprofit Storytelling and The Go-To Template for Mastering Nonprofit Storytelling.

Spark Campaign Ideas:

  • Is your organization celebrating a milestone? Create an Anniversary Campaign! Let your supporters know what you've accomplished since your founding & tell them what you have planned for the years ahead!
  • Host a Virtual Walk/Run! With marathons and group charity walks cancelled due to COVID-19, host a virtual one instead.
  • $10 Tuesdays or $5 Fridays! Use Spark to create a recurring simple campaign that encourages small, but consistent donations.

Double the Spark

According to Double the Donation, an estimated $4-$7 Billion in matching gift funds goes to unclaimed per year! Ask a corporate sponsor to create a matching gift for your next Spark campaign! Not only is this a great way to engage corporate partners during COVID-19, but 84% of donors say they're more likely to donate if a match is offered (Double the Donation)!

Never received a matching gift? Read our Guide to Matching Donations!


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