Meet the DipTeam: Chad Kahn

Hi everyone, I’m Danielle, Dipjar’s new Marketing Director! I’ll introduce myself more formally at a later date but today, I’d like to introduce you to Chad Kahn in our new team spotlight series. You may already know his name because Chad is a Customer Success Manager, but how well do you really know him? Read on to learn more!


Danielle Urban: What does your typical day in the office look like?

Chad Kahn: As a part of our Customer Success Team, most of my day is spent on the phone talking with people about how to be as successful with DipJar as possible. I provide a ton of best practices and tips that I’ve learned from the thousands of nonprofits who have DipJars. If you purchase a DipJar, we’ll most likely stay connected and chat about all your fundraising events and creative ideas!

I joined DipJar in August 2017 as a marketing intern making videos to highlight fundraising stories from some of our favorite nonprofits. Now, I still produce a lot of the videos you see on our site but spend most of my time working closely with nonprofits to help them get the most out of their DipJars.

You can schedule a call with me here if you’d like even if you’re not a customer yet!

DU: What’s a common question or challenge you get from customers?

CK: A big question I get from people is “what dollar amount should I set my DipJar to for this event?” which usually doesn’t have a clear cut answer. Since all nonprofits are different, I recommend a call to talk about their plans in more detail so I can understand their goals, and dish out some ideas on how to easily ask for bigger donations when appropriate.

DU: What are some of your favorite nonprofit resources?

CK: I’m a big fan of Nonprofit Jenni, Joe Waters’s Cause Marketing Email list, and anything Joan Garry does.

DU: Where are you from?

CK: Sunny South Florida!

DU: Where did you go to school?

CK: Middlebury College in Vermont (usually people ask why in the world did you move to VT from Florida?!)

DU: What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

CK: I initially moved to Boston because I had a lot of friends here so I usually spend time with people I love doing whatever really. I love going to concerts, and catch Dead and Company every time they come to Boston.

DU: Who are your favorite sports teams?

CK: I’m a BIG Miami Dolphin and Miami Heat fan. Red Sox games in Boston are a one of a kind experience as well.

DU: What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

CK: Honestly, I’m kind of an open book so this is a hard question...I would love to get better at darts.

DU: Favorite spot in Boston?

CK: I truly love a good bar, and luckily Boston has a ton of them! Some notables are a live-music-every-day bar called TOAD, a Russian darts bar called The People’s Republik, and The Avenue in Allston which has a fantastic $2 burger special and a ton of beers on tap.

DU: Any other random info or advice?

CK: Random info it is…
- Rick and Morty season 4 is coming out in November
- #SaveTheOA
- John Mayer is the greatest guitarist of our generation (prove me wrong)
- I really want an apartment with a fireplace and in-unit laundry

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