Multiply Your Intake with a Suggested Donation Amount

Today we want to help organizations by addressing one of the most common questions people debate before making a donation: “How much should I give?” After visiting a museum, watching a street performer, or just passing an organization collecting money, potential donors are always left asking this question.

You can’t force people to give a certain amount but you’d be surprised how responsive they are to a predetermined donation amount that offers some guidance. Instead of asking for general donations, simply suggest how much what you’re offering is worth!

Donations Quadrupled

One of the best examples we’ve seen recently has been through Loggerhead Marinelife Center located in Juno Beach, FL. The Center is a nonprofit sea turtle hospital and ocean conservation hub for tourists and locals. They don’t charge admission to keep their doors open to everyone regardless of their economic status; instead, Loggerhead Marinelife Center encourages patrons to make a donation at the door.

turtle 4.jpg

When their cash donations began to decrease they decided to invest in a few DipJars and the result has been incredible! Offering visitors an alternative way to donate paired with a suggested donation amount has helped them boost their overall intake. In just their first month of using DipJar their door donation average went from $1 per guest to $4 per guest getting them that much closer to their $5 per person goal! They haven’t even had their DipJars for more that 2 months and have already raised more than $15,000!

Throughout their center, the Loggerhead Marinelife Center set their 3 DipJars at different dollar amounts ranging from $10, $15, and $20 to make it simple for couples and families to donate more! 

We love seeing the increase of donations to such a great cause. Caitlin Farmer the Director of Finance describes Loggerhead Marinelife Center as, 

“A free sea turtle hospital located on one of the world’s most densely nested beaches for endangered loggerhead sea turtles. We rescue and rehabilitate an average of 100 sea turtle patients a year before returning them to the wildwe also had over 700 baby turtles (hatchlings) in our center in 2016. We complete various sea turtle research projects on 9.5 miles of beach that we monitor, seeing upwards of 43,000 turtle crawls and up to 17,000 nests annually in a 7 month period

Loggerhead Marinelife Center focuses on education, rehabilitation, research and conservations. They are engaged with so many positive projects and are a great part of their community. To learn more about what they have going go to their 2016 Impact Report 

We are honored to work with such an inspiring organization and love that their DipJars have been an asset to Loggerhead Marinelife Center.