Natick High School Dips for After the Prom Party

Natick High School uses DipJar and DipCast to raise money for their after the prom party. 

Natick's Success

Natick High School took an advanced approach to raising money for their after the prom party with DipJar and DipCast. The high school fundraised during a welcome night for eighth graders and their families. The Parent Committee carried around three DipJars; set at $10, $15, and $20. The set amounts are an aspect of this fundraiser that really helped increase donations. Ann Eggleston, fundraiser coordinator, said

"Usually when people give us cash it's one or two dollar donations but because the DipJar had the amounts on it, people gave us ten or fifteen dollars, I don't think anyone gave less than ten. Even people paying cash were much more willing to give."

Carrying the DipJars around allowed for people in all parts of the school to collect donations while encouraging in-depth conversations with the donors and a more personal giving experience. Previously, Natick has had similar events where they made around $600 in six hours. While using the DipJars, Natick High School raised more money in an hour ($800) than they would have raised in six hours without them. The addition of quick and easy software made the difference for Natick. The fun nature of the DipJar and the ability to see progress with the DipCast allowed for a motivating combination for the school.


How schools are using dipjars

Natick High School is setting a great example of what DipJars can be used for in educational settings. For example, a school could buy a couple DipJars and lend them out to whoever requests them for certain events and fundraisers. Ann Eggleston, a fundraiser coordinator, explained how other people at the school were eager to use the DipJar as well,

“I was talking to the soccer coach and he said ‘Oh I want to use that to raise money for the team.’”

DipJars can be used for clubs and teams fundraisers for a fun spin on raising money.


What is DipCast?

Natick High School also got the chance to try one of our newest products: DipCast. DipCast is a device that allows customers to display the progress of the fundraiser on a screen or projector. All you have to do is set a goal and go! Showing a goal and the progress towards it entices supporters to help move the fundraiser that much further.

If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy, you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!