National Animal Welfare Fundraiser Launched #dipforanimals

You asked, we listened. DipJar and hundreds of animal welfare groups across the country are taking part in a National Animal Welfare campaign. DipJar has been fortunate enough to work with a number of incredible animal shelters and organizations over the years. After hearing so many heartwarming stories we decided to highlight these organizations with an ENTIRE campaign: “I Support Animal Welfare” including a Special Edition DipJar, free custom stickers, and more stories!  

The National Campaign for Animal Welfare

Hundreds of animal rescues and shelters across the U.S. are working with DipJar on a nationwide animal welfare fundraising campaign. This uniquely branded campaign will allow local shelters, rescues, etc to collect donations for their local organization while still being part of the broadly recognizable cause. 

In conjunction with this, we are supporting animal welfare groups by sharing their stories on our blog and social media. By sharing your stories we are broadening your reach and informing more people about who you are and what your organization is doing. 

The DipJar blog has done feature stories on a Husky rescue, marine centers, and even a dog who became mayor.

Encouraging Donations

Help us help you! Everyone loves getting something in return for they money so we have sent out thousands of "I Support Animal Welfare" stickers for free to our favorite animal welfare groups to help draw in those donations. If you belong to an animal welfare group and would like to get some stickers of your own then please email and we can ship some your way!

Of course, the more people who know about your cause the more potential donations you can raise. We have released a special edition Animal Welfare DipJar that is now for sale and comes with unlimited stickers.

How to get involved:
There are multiple ways to take part of this great campaign. If you want to be featured on our blog, contact or Want something a bit faster? You can simply use the hashtag #dipforanimals or tag DipJar on Instagram or Facebook and we would be more than happy to re-post your photo!