How Raising Your Dollar Amount Will Make Your DipJar Pay for Itself Instantly

Staying connected with customers is one of the most rewarding things about working here at DipJar. It's inspiring hearing all the creative ways people use their DipJars and construct signage. Speaking with customers allows me to stay up to date with questions and concerns people have and I want to make sure that EVERYONE has the latest information.

Recently, there have been questions about how high organizations can set their DipJars and the answer is, DipJar's can be set from $1 to $1,000. And yes, we have had plenty of $1,000 DipJar donations!

Previously at a $25 cap, we quickly learned the need (demand, in fact) for higher donation amounts by organizations for special events and fundraisers. 

How do you use this new and exciting information?

The newest trend with DipJar users has been larger dollar amounts at events with a high concentration of people who believe in your cause. This could be a specific fundraising event or simply patrons at your gallery. DipJar has already seen so much success from organizations who have tested this out and last month’s nationwide DipJar average dollar amount climbed to $14. As more people are realizing the benefits of larger dollar amounts the average dip amount keeps going up every month.

Many organizations hold events within weeks of getting their DipJar and and find that it pays itself on the first day of use. Heartlinks Hospice’s first time using DipJar made over $2,000 with it set to $18.

We’ve also learned that you don’t have to rely on huge events and fundraisers to switch to larger dollar amounts. Small adjustments like increasing the DipJar in a from $10 to $20 has done well in waiting rooms and store fronts.

Here are more real life DipJar success stories:

Blue Engine, held their annual gala and generated $5,250 to improve education in historically oppressed communities. Their five DipJars were set up throughout the ballroom at $25, two at $100, $500, and $650. Guests had the freedom to walk around find a donation amount that was right for them. Blue engine loved the immediacy of the gift and how easy it made giving. Receiving donations at every DipJar level, Blue Engine’s gala successfully utilized the higher dollar setting in support a valuable cause.

NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education brought in $2,544 at their annual conference event to support research, and scholarships. NASPA creatively used their DipJars for different items to keep guests engaged and donating throughout the night. A $20 dip would get you 5 raffle tickets, $25 was for 6 custom designed buttons or you could get one button for $5. Lastly, they sold plinko boards for a $1 dip donation. The range of prices made it possible for everyone to take part, but the $20 and $25 DipJar’s had the highest activity generating most of the revenue!


Oklahoma City Food Bank, continues to do great work and maximizes the use of their DipJar. We previously mentioned them for their success at their Chefs’ Feast event in 3 One Day Fundraisers that Raised over $2,000 with DipJar. They are also a great example of how to keep your DipJar active in between big events. With 42,000 people coming through their volunteer center every year, they have an abundance of foot traffic. The Food Bank set up a $5 and $10 DipJar in the lobby where volunteers enter, and a $20 DipJar upstairs in the waiting area. The Oklahoma City Food Bank loves the DipJar because people have a great donation opportunity right in front of their face. With no pressure to donate and easy to use instructions they have received at least one $20 dip every day!

Test the waters and see if setting your DipJar a little higher works for you! You don’t have to have DipJar at $500 every time but even small adjustments can make a big difference. Keeping DipJar organizations up to speed and aware of what other people are doing is a huge priority for us. If you want to share your DipJar success story or get new ideas and advice contact

Note: DipJar’s default maximum setting for new customers is $100 (as a safey precaution) but if you want your organization to have a higher maximum then all you have to do is send us a quick email and we'll unlock the limit so you can go as high as $1000!