Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership Case Study: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Collaborative Companies (TCC) is a real estate company that is reshaping the Boston skyline. With such a strong community presence, it’s important to TCC that they take steps to give back. A showcase of model apartment units was the perfect opportunity to incorporate a nonprofit beneficiary! Check out this video to see how Big Sister Association of Greater Boston and TCC formed the perfect nonprofit-corporate partnership:


Why This Worked for Big Sister

Big Sister Boston understands the necessity of having strong corporate partnerships within the community. It’s a great way to get their nonprofit in front of a variety of new audiences. MK Thorton of Big Sister considers the DipJars and DipCast the gift that keeps on giving. This gift not only allowed them to collect donations at TCC’s event, they’ve also already placed a DipJar in their lobby to collect spontaneous donations from vendors and potential big sisters who walk through their door everyday.

Giving us DipJar definitely demonstrated that they (TCC) recognize and understand some of what it takes to generate the important funds we need to keep our programs going…it’s a perfect model for other corporations and companies to begin to foster new relationships with nonprofits.
— MK Thorton, Special Events Coordinator, Big Sister Boston

Why This Worked for TCC

The event’s holiday theme felt like the perfect opportunity to incorporate a nonprofit beneficiary. As a real estate company it’s important for TCC to not only give back, but also do so in a way that creates a meaningful experience for the event-goers. This gift was so much more than a donation, but rather a first-step in a long-term partnership with Big Sister Boston.

To me it made more sense to give back on a continual basis as opposed to a one-time monetary donation.
— Laura Maginnis, Marketing Manager, TCC
TCC blog thumbnail.png


Both TCC and Big Sister Boston loved the addition of DipCast at the event! The large donation display allowed guests across the room to track the progress throughout the night. It also acted as a constant reminder of the importance of making a charitable gift at a corporate event. DipCast facilitated the last “donation call.” Seeing the direct impact donors were making in real-time nearly doubled the donation total in the last few minutes of the event!

DipJar vs. Square

TCC considered several different donation collection options as they were putting this event together. It is important for them to stay in line with the other engaging and interactive experiences they hold in real estate developments. Square’s transaction-like feel just didn’t seem on-brand. The ease of use and fun that DipJar brought to the event was the perfect fit!


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!