Nonprofit Spotlight: Instant Feedback Increases Donations

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The Wisconsin Realtors Foundation utilized their developers to create their own version of DipCast! We provided access to a high level API of total donation intake, and they took care of the rest! This strategy brought in a total of nearly $7,000 in DipJar donations in 3 days. Check out what the nonprofit has to say:

“Our DipJar campaign at our annual convention was very well received. We built a page that reached out to the public campaign API you provided to create a near-real-time display of the running total. This, combined with the “I Dipped” stickers we gave out seemed to amplify people’s interest in contributing. People waited around to see their contributions, and in many cases gave again. In short, DipJar was a very effective use of technology to increase participation in our fundraising campaign.”

-Andy Mackenzie, WI Realtors Foundation

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Incentivizing Bigger Donations

WI Realtors Foundation also used a strategy we love; give to get! A $7 donation feeds a child for a week. If a donor dipped twice, they received a “double dipper” sticker. If a donor dipped in the $100 DipJar, they received the “big dipper” sticker. Stickers are a low-cost, yet effective way to incentivize bigger donations. This, coupled with the instant feedback on the screen, kept the donations rolling in throughout the event!

Want to use DipCast for your nonprofit?

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If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!