Nonprofit Spotlight: Military Missions, Inc.

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What is Military Missions?

MISSION: Military Missions exists to support and honor deployed military personnel by sending care packages year round as an expression of appreciation and gratitude.


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Military Missions began in 2005 as the brainchild of military mother, Beth Pennington. Beth was out to dinner with her son and 15 of his fellow marines who had just graduated from training. As Beth spoke with these young men, she realized they all shared a strong need for a taste of home and family as they began to embark on this new journey. She began sending care packages to her son, and his friends, but quickly realized how many military connections existed in her local community and church. Military Missions quickly expanded to support troops overseas, as well as military families and veterans at home.



Last year, Military Missions sent over 8,000 packages to deployed men and women. They also provide support to veterans at local facilities including hospitals and homeless shelters. Military Missions is 100% volunteer operated, so they rely entirely on generous donations to support the inspirational work they do. They accept care package items, as well as monetary donations to cover the high shipping costs associated with sending care packages. If you would like to make a contribution, please click below!

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To learn more about Military Missions, check out their website and Facebook!

Military Missions strives to reach as many deployed men and women as possible. If somebody you know would like to receive a care package, follow the link below!

Fundraising with DipJar

Military Missions brings their DipJar to every single fundraiser they have. These events include restaurant partnerships, care package assembly gatherings and information booths at local fairs. The DipJar is set to $10, the cost to send one care package overseas. They plan to use DipJar at their largest-scale event in November as a way to bring an element of fun and excitement to the fundraising experience!


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