Nonprofit Spotlight: YMCA of Pueblo

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With DipJar, its never been easier for people to make a difference in our community.
— Kevin Cano, Creative Solutions + Marketing Specialist

About YMCA of Pueblo

The YMCA of Pueblo is a community-based nonprofit in Colorado that works to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in programs and services that assist them in living fuller, healthier lives.

The YMCA and DipJar

We connected with Kevin Cano, the Creative Solutions and Marketing Specialist for the YMCA of Pueblo. He shared a bit about his organization’s current campaign and how DipJar fits in:

"Every year, the YMCA of Pueblo launches a campaign in an effort to raise funds that go directly back to the Pueblo community. In 2019, we've been able to raise over $265,000 through the amazing work of volunteers and our employees. This money goes directly toward our Scholarship Opportunity Fund which helps give the joy of the YMCA community to youth and families who may otherwise be unable to participate. With DipJar, it’s never been easier for people to make a difference in our community. We're able to set a specific dollar amount and then give a meaning and backstory to that number. This year we focused on our Child Development Center and how we can positively impact our youth. That's why we're different. We're more than a gym. We're part of the Pueblo community."

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