One-Day Events that Raised Over $10,000 with DipJar

1. Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma 

DipJar Donations 2017: $18,828

DipJar Donations 2018: $25,950 

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma has used their DipJars two years in a row for their annual Chef's Feast event. The DipJars were primarily used to sell raffle tickets, but the food bank also used them for a wine pull and donation collection. For the 2018 event, they raised the dollar amounts and included $200 DipJars. This led to an over $7,000 increase in donations from 2017 to 2018. 

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2. harvesters 

DipJar Donations: $10,075

Harvesters, a food bank in Kansas City, held their annual food and wine event and raised over $10,000 with DipJar! They had 8 DipJars, all set to $25. Two DipJar were used for the wine pull while the rest were used for the raffle. Volunteers circulated the room carrying DipJars on trays which made the donating experience more fun and personal! Harvesters' main fundraising method at this event used to be a mobile auction. However, they saw a large chunk of their donations going towards the software and fees. A raffle with DipJar was fun, and allowed them to keep more of their donations in their pockets. This made for a higher total intake than previous years! 


3. Seed Global Health 

DipJar Donations: $18,550

Seed Global Health used 4 DipJars at their Cocktails for a Cause Event. Their DipJars were set at $100, $250, $500 and $1,000! The DipJars started by the entrance, the place with the heaviest foot traffic, and each DipJar corresponded to a different raffle ticket price, entrance fee or donation level. Later in the evening, volunteers carried the DipJars around on trays to make more personal donation asks. The DipJar donations were tallied on a DipCast screen, so donors were more motivated to help Seed Global Health reach their goal!


4. Beacon Hill

DipJar Donations: $11,360

Beacon Hill is a nonprofit that helps Alaska’s children in the foster care system. They held a Thanksgiving fundraiser with a fun twist! Racers dressed as Mario Bros characters and donors had to dip in the DipJars to keep the racers going. Their dollar amounts were set to $20, $40 and $100; and the $100 DipJar was used the most out of the three. Everybody loved that kids were actually able to use their parent’s credit cards in the DipJars which made them feel a part of the event!

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If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!