Partners for Animal Welfare Society presents: Why you would bring your dog to Mad Scientist's Lab

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The following is a fictional dramatization based on real events at Partners for Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Greenfield, Indiana at their annual halloween fundraiser. The names and locations have been changed to protect the identities of the adorable pets and wonderful volunteers. Unchanging is the fact that Trick n’ Treat is a real event presented by PAWS to raise an ample amount money to support their nonprofit organization.  

PAWS - Haunted Trail

6:04 pm - Chasing Buddy through the hallway Grace, a nine-year-old from Indiana, just needed to secure down his clown hat. It was the final touch before leaving for the haunted walk. She hopped into the back of the mini-van, Buddy her golden retriever not far behind. They set off.

6:27 pm -  Zombies and witches flew past the car as they pulled up to Oakwood Park. Once they arrived Dorothy and Toto greeted them at the tent. “You’ve made it OZ!” She said. “But on Halloween it transforms into Trick n’ Treat a spooky trail full of mysterious destinations and treats.”

6:45 pm - Grace gripped Buddy’s leash with one hand and clenched her mother's in the other. The trio made their way to the first destination, The Mad Scientist’s Laboratory.

6:50 pm - “Greetings!” yelled the scientist through an eerie smile. “Welcome to our Lab. Today we are going to cure our patient’s feet, by cutting off her legs!”

An eruption of laughter came from the scientist and his assistant which alarmed Buddy. His barking frightened the pair and they scurried off to the woods.

Halloweek Mad Scientist 1.jpg

The patient lying on the table thanked them and gave Grace chocolate eyeballs and a skull shaped biscuit for buddy.

7:02 pm - They continued on their way, and passed the Witches Castle, crept through the Zombie cemetery, and concluded in the Fairy Forest where they fed the Magic Ponies.  

7:25 pm - Exhausted from the trail Grace and Buddy rested down on some hay barrels. There the two awaited the announcement of the pet and owner costume contest.

7:30 pm - Second Place! The colorful clown and her dog assistant received an extra bag of treats for their adorable costume.

Not bad for her first ever Trick n’ Treat event.

Partners for Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), strives to develop innovative ways to connect community members to their pets. Along with Trick n’ Treat they hold a Dog Pool Party every summer. Dogs compete in a diving contest and get to swim around the pool with their owners. PAWS is an non-profit organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare through education, improving shelters and hosting events. Thank you for everything you do for Hancock County!