Collect credit card donations ANYWHERE with the DipJar portable battery kit

Our newest DipJar portability kits are here at last. Say goodbye to stationary DipJars at your fundraising events and take them wherever you go! Long-lasting battery packs will help re-vamp your next fundraising event and make the DipJar even more accessible. See the product here:

The battery itself is compact, long-lasting, fast-charging, and easy to use. These kits are specially designed for DipJar allowing you to move around and collect donations for up to 11 hours. Good things really do come in small packages!

DipJar Portability Kit includes a 3 foot battery cable and a rechargeable battery pack.

We’ve already heard great things from people who have tried out our battery packs so far. Customers love that they can bring their DipJar to outdoor events, walk through crowds with them, or just avoid setting up long extension cords. 

It's great seeing the creative ways people have utilized their battery packs and hearing how convenient it has been for them. 

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company uses their DipJar to walk through the outdoor crowd collecting donations before the start of the play. 

The portable battery made it easy for Blue Engine to set up their DipJar in the middle of the ballroom with out worrying about being close to an outlet or people tripping over extension cords. 

Huntsman Cancer Foundation brought their 4 DipJars out to their Huntsman Heroes 5K to sell T-Shirts at their tent.

Lee's Lemonade uses the DipJar to help bring in extra tips for their hardworking employees scattered throughout different parks!  

Wacky Chad, a street performer, brings his portable DipJar to every show to help him take cash and card tips.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta maximized the portability by walking around the golf course selling Mulligans.“We set the jar for a $25 donation and raised nearly $2,000! Our participants really enjoyed using the DipJar and several commented that it made donating fun.” - Kelci Sleeper

We are so glad that so many customers were able to take advantage of the portable battery packs and have amazing success. The new portable battery packs can unleash your DipJar potential. Buy it today with the link below and keep on dipping!