DipJar Portability: Romeo, Juliet, and DipJar on the Common

Today’s DipJar fundraising success story highlights the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. If you are a Boston local, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with these annual Shakespeare performances at Boston Common, completely free of charge!

Shakespeare on the Common has been a tradition for over 20 years and is a favorite spectacle of tourists and locals alike. Recently, they’ve incorporated portable DipJars into their fundraising before their performances, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Ten minutes before every performance, several actors from the Shakespeare Company serve as Apprentice Ambassadors and sweep the audience asking for donations. This year they had their very own DipJars and portable batteries too! Lots of people donate to keep the performances free as well as pay for the set and elaborate costumes. 

Since these performances are free-of-charge, people can sit wherever they like, with the exception of the Friends Section, a prime row of lawn chairs set up front and center. These chairs can be reserved with a $75 donation per chair, and the proceeds go directly to the performance just as the other donations do. With thousands in attendance every year, they have a large pool of potential donors.

Shakespeare on the Common is a trademark Boston Tradition and here at DipJar are so happy that they have adopted us into their program. We are glad they are finding success with credit card donations and can’t wait to hear from them again next summer!

Learn more about the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company here: http://commshakes.org/