Return on Investment for a DipJar

DipJar is definitely the easiest way to unlock cashless, in-person donations. However, people often wonder how long it takes to see a return on investment. Here are some stats and examples that demonstrate how our customers know DipJar is a worthwhile purchase; and why they come back to buy more! 

People often ask what the return on investment is on purchasing a DipJar. The short answer is that DipJars very often pay for themselves after one event, or after a few days of thoughtful consistent use. With strategic use, proper signage and a demonstration, many organizations find that the cost is completely forgotten when they see an increase in donations.


At DipJar we like to think about the value of having a cashless giving option a bit differently. Instead of looking at how quickly a DipJar pays for itself, we like to look at its contribution to top line donation intake, i.e. how many more donation dollars have been received. Remember, the objective of DipJar is not to have it pay for itself, it's to change your entire fundraising strategy. Savvy users will see a ten fold return on investment instantly. If we at DipJar help add a few thousand dollars to the total monthly donations for a small heritage society, then we're happy. We do this for many nonprofits and here are some examples:

1. Loggerhead Marinelife Center

The Loggerhead Marinelife Center has three DipJars throughout the facility that allows donors to give as they wish. Strategic signage coupled with a range of giving options has increased the average individual donation amount from before they owned DipJars. The center averages around $200 per day with their DipJars.

2. Big Brother Big Sister El Dorado County 

This Big Brother Big Sister office used two DipJars at their autumn auction to sell raffle tickets. With one jar set at $100 and the other at $20, this organization raised over $4,600 in a couple hours!

3. YMCA of the North Shore 

YMCA of the North Shore uses their DipJars in a variety of ways between their seven locations. The different demographics of each location make the adjustable dollar amount of the DipJars key to this organization's success. DipJar showed up everywhere from cocktail parties to a football kicking contest! Their first three DipJars paid for themselves after two weeks of use.

4. Los Angeles County High School for the Arts 

LACHSA uses their DipJars to sell event tickets, merchandise and concessions. They have raised over ten thousand dollars to date using DipJar! A typical LACHSA major event brings in around $1,000 using DipJar. 

5. United Way of King County

United Way of King County raised nearly $4,000 in one day by setting their DipJars to the higher dollar amounts of $40 and $60! 

UW KC.jpeg

Other added value

There is added value with purchasing a DipJar that goes beyond an increase in donation collection…

1. No learning curve

There is virtually no learning curve involved with understanding how DipJar works! A simple demonstration will suffice, and donors will be able to give at their leisure throughout the event. 

2. Self sufficiency 

Other donation collection devices require people from your organization to be present throughout the entire event. As there is virtually no learning curve associated with using DipJar, your staff or volunteers will be free to help out with other things. 

3. Speed and ease 

The speed and ease of DipJar are factors that make this product stand out from other point of sale or donation devices. It takes three seconds for a person’s donation to be collected, and there is audio and visual feedback that indicates to the user that their dip has been counted. This three second process cuts down on lines and back-up, and allows donor to enjoy the event or program you worked so hard to put on.