Rotary Club of Georgetown Honors Veterans and First Responders

The Rotary Club of Georgetown, Texas hosted their first ever Field of Honor event over the past week. So far, they have raised over $8,500 using DipJar to support and honors veterans and first responders!

Field of honor

This event features an inspiring display of 1,400 full-size American flags. Each flag is purchased by individuals in tribute to a veteran, active or reserve duty military, first responder, or their own personal heroes.

Sponsoring flags

A person can sponsor a flag for $40 prior to the event. However, the event staff knew there would be an opportunity to sell even more flags in person. Elizabeth McFarland of the Rotary Club of Georgetown said,

"We knew we would sell many more on-site, but we have no wi-fi at the park, and trying to set up a hotspot and use wi-fi for credit card readers is too unreliable and also not secure.  Another organization in Georgetown, the Boys and Girls Club, had used a DipJar at a fundraiser earlier this year, and they loved it, so we decided to give it a try.  We are so happy we did!  Credit card purchases have outpaced cash and check purchases 3 to 1."

So far, The Rotary Club of Georgetown was able to sell an additional 214 flags on-site due to DipJar! This additional fundraising helped to benefit local veterans and first responders as well as provide training for service dogs that support veterans with PTSD.