How to Raise Money on a Tight Budget: Take Your Shirt Off

Part of our Animal Welfare series we are highlighting another incredible story. In Louisiana, Take Paws Rescue called on their community to help them sustain their operation. Donations and volunteers helped make their first annual Canine Calendar possible.

Reach out to your community! When you’re low on funds and trying to get by, take advantage of what you already have and call on to others. With the communities help, Take Paws was able to produce and sell professional $25 calendars on a very low budget.  

As a locally owned and operated animal rescue group, Take Paws relies on small communities all of Louisiana for extra support. And like many animal shelters and rescues across the United States, Take Paws doesn't have a physical shelter to house animals and relies on foster homes and volunteers. To raise a few extra bucks Take Paws Rescue took assessment of what they already had:

  • Adoptable dogs
  • Landmark locations of New Orleans
  • Shirtless men

With little to work with they got creative, Take Paws decided to make a calendar featuring different dogs, sights of New Orleans and to keep it interesting, shirtless men.

Reaching out to their community they were overwhelmed with support. Photographers volunteered their time, a local business donated the printing cost, and local men offered shirtless good looks. 

Each month featured adult dogs and a shirtless man making it perfect for the office or at home.

Meet Hazel and Nik:
Hazel is young, sweet, and full of energy. Always down for a belly rub she enjoys long runs through the park and romantic dinners of Beneful. 

Meet Mike and Sky:
Friendly, dignified and known for his good looks Sky is ready for any adventure.  

Meet Patrick and Lazas:
Sweet and a little sassy Lazas loves bringing in the paper every morning. 

Releasing their first annual canine calendar early this year, they successfully sold it through local businesses, their online website, and it even found a feature spot in the local newspaper. Each calendar at $25 proceeds supported, getting a facility, vaccinations, neutering dogs and much more.

Embedded in such a great community Take Paws continues to grow and hopes to open a dog cafe and shelter some day. To help visit: