Social Media Influencers: How Millennials Changed Marketing


As time goes on, the world adapts more and more to technology. One new concept is the “social media influencer”. These influencers are used to create a new edge on advertisements by way of a younger and fresher digital option: influencer marketing. Influencer marketing pairs social media influencers, who have large trusted audiences on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest, with organizations who are looking to promote new products or events (or nonprofits!) through the influencer’s channels.

Who Are They?

These influencers are users of social media platforms that have access to a large audience. These influencers can range from having credibility in a specific industry, being celebrities, bloggers, or activists. One thing all these influencers have in common is a large dedicated fan base who seriously listens to and follows the influencer's opinion. Influencers typically have blog pages in addition to their social media where fans can get a closer look at their lives.

What Do They Do?

Influencers share daily posts about anything ranging from their daily beauty routine to their favorite cup of coffee. Their fans follow these posts and read up on the products and organizations the influencers like and support. Influencers collaborate with businesses and organizations to increase brand or organization awareness and drive interest by promoting the company. They create content about products or events to share with their followers. They post product reviews, donation contests with some incentive (i.e. “the biggest donor gets to talk to me on the phone”), shares personal stories about a product and videos detailing the product or event. 

How Can They Help My Nonprofit?

If you have a special event coming up or need an extra boost in incoming donations or volunteers, reaching out to influencers could be your next move. They don't need to be someone famous; you can start off by finding someone in your network with a lot of social media followers! Some may ask for financial compensation, but others may simply want you to promote their personal brand at your next fundraising event. 

What Should I Look for in an Influencer?

You want to make sure the influencer you reach out to has high engagement with their followers (a lot of likes and comments.) This means the influencer has worked hard to gain the trust of their followers. You also want your influencer to have high-quality content that keeps their followers intrigued. Lastly, you want influencers to match your brand, style, and tone.

Terms to Know:

Sponsored Blog Post: a post written with the purpose of endorsing a business or organization.
Influencer Marketplace: a trusted source that connects influencers to organizations and helps create a campaign.
Social Sponsorship: posts on social media channels to promote a business or organization.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!