10 Must-Have Apps for Your Nonprofit

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If you want to up your nonprofit's game when it comes to being tech-savvy, this is the post for you. Today, gadgets and apps that can benefit your nonprofit are more common and accessible than ever. As long as someone at your nonprofit commits a small amount of time to explore some options, your online opportunities are endless. We've compiled some of our favorite ideas to get the research started for you! 

Clever Fundraising Apps:

1. VolunteerMatch: volunteermatch.org

VolunteerMatch is an amazing site for finding volunteer workers for your next event or fundraiser. Volunteers can search the site by skill, location, and interests to find places to volunteer their time. You can create a free account online to attract local help and good doers eager to do more!

Users enter their location, their interests, and Bam! They're connected with your nonprofit!

Users enter their location, their interests, and Bam! They're connected with your nonprofit!


2. Coin Up: coinupapp.com

Coin Up is an amazing mobile app that allows its users to round up their everyday credit/debit card transactions and donates the "spare change" to the selected nonprofit each month! Register your nonprofit for Coin Up here!


3. One Today by Google: onetoday.google.com

This is a mobile app made by Google which features a different nonprofit every day. Users can choose to donate $1 (or more) to an organization and they can see what their friends donated to create a contagious generosity. To participate, register with Google for Nonprofits.


4. Budge: thebudge.com

This app allows users to challenge (or bet) their friends to do something, like lose weight, or go a day without smoking. If the person doesn’t complete the challenge, they donate. If the person does complete the challenge, the challenger donates. It’s straightforward, it’s fun, and your nonprofit needs to get in on the challenge! Contact Budge to get involved.


5. Charity Miles: charitymiles.org

Charity Miles is a great way to motivate active supporters. Users of the app will run, walk, bike, and after each mile, a small amount of money will be donated to a charity of their choice. Corporations fund the donations and users exercise to raise money. Apply to be one of their featured charities here.


Online Marketing, Made Easier:

1. Buffer: buffer.com

Social media is one of the best ways to raise awareness about your cause and encourage support for your nonprofit. Buffer allows your nonprofit to schedule social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. This enables social media managers to streamline their social media campaign throughout the day and evening. Buffer’s analytic tools will also evaluate posts to conclude the best times to share based on your follower base.

Also, look at Pablo by Buffer (buffer.com/pablo) for an easy way to create an inspirational quote and powerful stats images perfectly sized for social media platforms.


2. RiteTag: ritetag.com

RiteTag allows you to track the success rate of your campaign’s hashtags. The dashboard allows you to view how people are using your hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. You can also track trending hashtags for ideas of what to tag your posts with.


3. Canva: canva.com

Canva allows businesses and nonprofits to drag-and-drop features and professional layouts to create stunning graphics and documents (a DipJar favorite).


4. Creatives Without Borders: creativeswithoutborders.org

This great site connects nonprofits in need of graphics and web design skills with creatives who are willing to donate their work to your cause in exchange for increased exposure.


5. Statista: statista.com

Statista is a website that allows its patrons to search their portal for statistics in multiple databases worldwide. Concise statistics are a great way to engage your nonprofit’s followers. These can be shared via the web, social media, and email content.


 These apps are great ways to boost your fundraising with a quick sign-up and improve your marketing with easy tools that will make your marketing campaign look sleek and appealing! 


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!