Text-to-Give vs DipJar: Who does what better?

Nonprofits ask us this question all the time. I’ve seen a lot of nonprofits use different kinds of Text-to-Give services… but how do they all compare to DipJar? I’m juuust a tad bit biased, but I think there’s an obvious winner here for a few key reasons. Sound off in the comments if you think there’s a topic I forgot!


1. Accessibility

source: https://www.gmg.cm/text-to-donate/#gsc.tab=0

source: https://www.gmg.cm/text-to-donate/#gsc.tab=0



source: https://www.gmg.cm/text-to-donate/#gsc.tab=0

source: https://www.gmg.cm/text-to-donate/#gsc.tab=0

A lot of text-to-give services don’t exactly make it simple. Some require the donor to have a PayPal account, type in their credit card number, or their credit card number hooked up to their phone bill. It’s a struggle within itself to get your donors to text “DONATE” to 55435. But they aren’t done there! Do you expect all of them to go through the entire process of entering their information… or downloading the app… or calling mom and dad to make sure they can pay back the $10 donation on their family phone bill? On this step, you will lose a portion of your donors GUARANTEED.

How big that portion is varies per event, but its never a small amount. If your donation code isn’t plastered on a giant billboard or all over your dozens of TV ads, you probably won’t see the results you were looking for. How many older folks know how to navigate PayPal??? (Yes, I’m talking about you, Grandma Marilyn).


DipJar is a 1-step donation process. You simply “dip” your card. That’s it! It works for any and every credit card, and only requires a cellular connection. Everyone who wants to donate can give without going through a ton of extra steps. That way you’re collecting more donations and you’re given an easier in-person ask rather than asking people to stop what they’re doing and figure out how to donate on a cell phone. Even Great-Grandma’s can figure out how to donate via credit card!


2. Entertainment

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I mean, texting is fun for most people… right? But with donating via text, where’s the gratification? A response text saying “Congrats! Thx 4 ur donation”? This process takes people away from interacting with volunteers and other guests at the event. If they choose to donate, they most likely want to get it over with and get back to mingling.


Come on people! Keep your donors engaged!!!


With DipJar, donating is a part of the fun. It is a perfect opportunity for attendees to interact with your volunteers, to hear a story about where their money goes, and/or to understand the impact that their donation has in the world. YOU control the narrative and YOU control the fun! Every donation is accompanied by fun lights and sound, and usually a “woohoo!!!” or round of applause from your volunteers. Donors are often encouraged to “double dip” and a ton of donors dip again and again just to see the lights and the sound.



3. Flexibility: The Good Kind... and the Bad Kind

What do I mean by good and bad flexibility? 

The "Good Kind"

The “Good Kind” of flexibility applies when you’re able to get the most out a product. How much bang-for-your-buck can you really get? With DipJar, the possibilities are not limited to just events! You’re able to use your DipJar every day of the week in a multitude of ways. Business partnerships, optional admission fees, daily donations at your location… the list goes on and on. We help develop great fundraising ideas for our nonprofit partners daily! Reach out to us if you’re interested in hearing what we have to say! (Ask for “Chad” in the chat box on the bottom right I’ll be able to help you out myself).

Unless you plan to take out advertisements or ask for donations on the street, Text-to-Give is, for the most part, limited to events. I haven’t personally heard of a successful Text-to-Give fundraiser outside of an event space, but again sound off in the comments if I’m forgetting something :)

source: https://www.qgiv.com/features/text-giving

source: https://www.qgiv.com/features/text-giving

The "Bad Kind"

When I say the “Bad Kind” of flexibility, I’m referring to giving donors too much flexibility. With Text-to-Give, donors are either given 1 option to donate, or asked how much they want to donate. The donor often leaves money on the table that could’ve easily gone to a great cause. If you ask for a specific amount, then the donor will most likely donate just once. But if you leave the donation amount open for interpretation, you create an uneasy feeling with your donor. Questions like… “did I donate too much or too little?” and “should I keep donating or stop there?” come up driving your donors to confusion and apathy. You could easily have a donor leave your event thinking they donated too much when in fact, they gave a below average donation. 

Let people who feel generous have the ability to give more while being inclusive with those who can only afford to give a baseline amount.

What makes DipJar different?

DipJar takes this decision making and puts it in the hand of your nonprofit by having a set dollar amount. Oh how the tables have turned!!! Now, you can encourage your donors to dip multiple times when appropriate, and ensure every donor has the ability to at least donate a baseline amount. YOU control how much donations your nonprofit takes in. Don’t put that decision making on your donors!



That’s all for today, folks! Moral of the story: Text-to-Give can be a good option, but be wary of how you use it. If you have ever been disappointed in the amount of donations you’ve taken in and want to learn more about other fundraising practices, give us a call! You won’t be disappointed :)

Have a great day everyone!!! If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!

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