The evolution of DipJar as told by whimsical GIFs

We often talk about the amazing things going on at DipJar every day but sometimes it's nice to look back on what brought you to where you are.

Most people who know DipJar also know a bit about our history. We started off primarily as a tipping platform in quick service restaurants and quickly discovered a huge demand for our product from nonprofits -- specifically for ridiculously quick transactions. 

For those folks out there who haven't heard it yet, this is the (extremely brief) story of DipJar: the most popular one-step credit card device on the market. Starting from the humble beginnings of a coffee shop, we have grown into the company we are today through hard work, perseverance, and some dank memes.

1. Future DipJar CEO Ryder Kessler finds himself without cash but is dying to tip the cute barista


2. Instead of going to the ATM, he creates a futuristic tipping machine so he can tip said cute barista with his credit card. NBD.

3. And he made tipping DANGEROUSLY FAST!!!

4. Kessler then realizes DipJars can SAVE THE WORLD

5. So DipJar branches out from tipping and says "hello" to the nonprofit world

6. And employed all the goodgirles and goodboyes to help nonprofits bring in tons of donations


7. Then DipJar made itself portable changing the game completely!


8. And made those donations rain.

9. Look at how far we've come!

Katie Naum