The Modern Freelancer: Your Nonprofit's Inexpensive and Reliable Option


Hiring Overseas Freelancers has never been so easy and so inexpensive. Businesses and nonprofits can get high-quality work for a fraction of the price with these freelance websites.


What is the “Modern Freelancer”?

While some freelancers work after their nine to fives, the modern freelancer is someone who does freelancing full time for multiple different companies. These independent professionals have emerged from a typical work structure to create a full-time income from their self-employed freelancing. This ensures that the modern freelancer will focus their full attention on the projects they choose to work with rather than be distracted by a separate full-time job; a perfect potential hire for your nonprofit. The independence of this type of job encourages the freelancer to put in their best effort for your organization. Their commitment, passion, and efficient mindset will show in their work. There are many inexpensive, high-quality options, especially overseas.


How You Can Find the Perfect Freelancer for Your Organization:

If you’re looking for an affordable freelancer, and are the places for you. With options ranging from digital marketing freelancers, to photographers, to programmers and even business consultants, these websites have it all and at the best bang for your buck! They include star ratings and recommendations from previous employers of the freelance so you can comfortably hire someone without meeting them in person.


How it Works:

Find: Post a job description for what you’re looking for and the website will match you with some possible freelancers.

Hire: Browse through profiles, reviews, and proposals then choose who’s best for your project (Keep in mind that overseas freelancers are a fraction of the cost with high-quality work).

Work: Use these platforms to chat, assign jobs, and collaborate from your laptop or smartphone.

Pay: Invoicing and payments are made possible through these websites and are completely secure and trustworthy. You only pay for work you authorize and you don’t need to worry about wiring money overseas.


Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • We highly recommend hiring freelancers overseas.

    • These freelancers are a fraction of the price of domestic freelancers.

    • They are more eager to please you and do the job to the best of their ability with overall better service quality.

    • Many overseas freelancers can work overnight due to the time difference. It’s as easy as assigning a task at the end of your day and waking up to a completed job.

    • If you have a lot of work to get done, overseas freelancers can subcontract work and scale up efficiently with little extra effort.

  • Make sure to look at the ratings, recommendations, and proof of past work.

  • Don’t feel the pressure to hire someone part-time, if you have one task you need to be done, this is where you can find quick, inexpensive, no strings attached work.

  • Start someone off with a small project, if you’re happy with the work, continue with larger projects.

  • These sites allow you to set milestones for your project and pay as the milestones are completed; if you decide mid-project that you’re not happy with the work, you only have to pay for the accomplished milestones.


If You're Looking for Quick Design Work (and lots of it):

Design Pickle is a website that allows you to pay a monthly flat rate for unlimited design service. They have two options: $370/month for designs within two days and $995/moth for same-day service. This is a great option for organizations that need a lot of design work done and feel they would get the best bang for their buck with an unlimited monthly plan. 


Hiring freelancers has never been easier or more desireable. These top freelancing websites make getting work done more efficient than ever.

If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy, you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!