Thinking Beyond the Holidays: Fundraising Year-Round with DipJar

Sure, you may have bought your DipJars to power your holiday season fundraising — collecting your end-of-year gala or during your seasonal cause marketing campaign with your favorite corporate partner. But now it's February, the mercury's rising, and you have amazing untapped opportunity to capture new donations and new donors before it gets cold again next fall.

What's then best way to put DipJar to use over the next eight months? Glad you asked! Here are three ideas for off-season fundraising that will improve your DipJar ROI, open new avenues of intake, and raise your brand awareness during the time between annual fundraising campaigns.

1. Adding to the Event Calendar

We know how exhausting it can be to put on your annual gala each winter—who has the energy to add more events to the calendar? But off-season events are a great opportunity to expand your brand's reach, exposing your work to a younger generation of volunteers and donors. These are the folks who will come to your gala someday! They just need a chance to get a bit more settled in their lives and careers — and, yes, I'm writing from experience :)

Try a cocktail night for young professionals, a brunch-and-learn, or a summer block party — bring people together in a low-key way, get the word about your work, and collect entry donations, sell raffle tickets, or get those "just because" gifts via your DipJars. Get more cash in the bank, give your team something fun to plan, and, perhaps most importantly, get a "foot in the door" with these supporters — after a single dip, they're now and forever donors to your cause.

2. Collecting Where Your Cause Is

You do your work out in the community, not just in the banquet hall. When you're there, do you give beneficiaries, volunteers, and visitors a chance to donate? You don't want to overtax them with asks, but we know that people want to give to the causes they care about—especially where they're most saliently exposed to an organization's good work. Take your DipJars from your holiday cause marketing campaign or annual gala and set them up for passive collections at your site of operations.

Don't have a venue open to visitors or volunteers? Put them on your reception desk to collect donations during those spontaneous drop-ins from friends and other folks in your field. Or send DipJars to the offices of your team members’ spouses, parents, or kids: who better to make additional donations than the colleagues who hear from them about your cause around the water cooler? After that, let everyone on your team — from your CEO to her executive assistant — adopt a DipJar for a week to see what they can do to generate new intake. Collect donations at your birthday party or your child's summer lemonade stand. (Whichever team member raises the most gets a spa day!)

3. Hooking New Cause Marketing Partners

Your major corporate partners are essential for billboarding your organization's brand in their stores during your holiday activations. These short-term cause marketing campaigns are serious sources of revenue and donor engagement. But they also take a ton of planning and buy-in, especially if your campaign involves a point-of-sale integrated solicitation. These corporate partners are expending resources and coordinating teams to train staff, disseminate collateral, and direct funds back to you on the back end.

It's understandable that setting up new partnerships for year-round campaigns can seem daunting—and the customers at your main partners’ stores are likely to get solicitation fatigue if they're asked to donate to your organization too often. But your DipJars are a lightweight and flexible tool to build more brand equity and collect extra donations in more cause marketing settings. A small or medium sized business need only offer counter space to put your solicitation and your messaging in front of more prospective donors.

Don't be shy about using DipJars to hook new corporate sponsors—target cool local establishments that will help you reach a younger donor base. Most effectively, work with the businesses to incentivize donations: if a $2 gift gets a customer a free cup of coffee, you’ll maximize intake and your partner will maximize the brand halo they get from supporting you. No POS integration required.

No matter what you do, don't let your DipJars languish in a closet from February to October! They're a plug-and-play tool to enable one-step, joyful donations. All you need to do is find places to put them in front of folks who love to give.