Tips From Our Customers: How to Get Creative With DipJar

We sat down to chat with two of our most successful customers to find out how they used DipJar. Watch the webinar below! Don't have time? Keep scrolling for a recap! 

Webinar Recap!


Jared Walker: Dollar For Portland

Jared primarily uses his DipJars for daily donation collection at local businesses including coffee shops and breweries. He incentives a business to participate in this cause marketing by helping them bring in more repeat customers. Jared is also an expert on creating custom signage and receipt cards to pair with his DipJar.


Clinton uses his DipJar at events to collect donations after the children's choir performs. He did some experimenting and found he is most succesful when his DipJars are set at high dollar amounts: $25, $40 and $60. Clinton also created custom signage and gives branded stickers to double dippers!


DipJar: Explain how you use DipJar and how it’s been beneficial for your nonprofit 

Jared: Our constant strategy is partnering with local shops. We ask them to host the DipJar for a couple weeks and offer a promotion for anyone who donates. If you dip, you get a free slice of pizza on your next visit. We educate the business and print up custom cards for them them to give to the donors. My biggest thing is to make it easy for the business; I've never been told no. 

Clinton: The major way we fund our organization is through events with our choir. Our biggest fundraising gap was people not carrying cash and checks. I take a DipJar up on stage and explain how it works to the donors. Location is key at events, there is a mass influx and exit so we have to be intentional with where we put the DipJars. Our DipJars are set at $25, $40 and $60. 

DipJar: What kind of experimenting have you done since getting DipJar?

Clinton: We actually kept a spreadsheet of the dollar amounts and number of dips. We thought people would only want to give $5 or $10. However, we were finding that more people were wanting to give more money. We even noticed people were double dipping so we bumped them up to $25, $40 and $60. We wouldn't go back the other way; we're even considering going higher. We also really encourage people to double dip, it's something fun and we give them a sticker if they do so!

Jared: Listening to Clinton I think we need to raise our dollar amount! We used to do raffle tickets at $5 and I've recently raised it to $10. One new thing we're trying out, that shows all the different types of businesses you can connect with, is partnering with a flooring company. The DipJar will be set at $100 and the donor will get $100 off their flooring purchase. 

Clinton: The beauty of DipJar is that you can experiment in the moment. I actually changed a DipJar to $60 in the middle of the event, and it really benefited us. 

Jared: Signage is a lot more important than I thought. The more signage you can have and the more presence you can have really helps a ton. It adds credibility to what you're doing. 

DipJar: What is the number one thing you would recommend to new DipJar users?

Jared: Get creative. There are so many ways you can use DipJar. Make it easy for the businesses you are partnering with. When I contact them I send photos, videos and pdfs so they understand the week-long commitment. And 75% of the time they want to keep the DipJars longer than a week. 

Clinton: Make it easy for people to give as well. If you take the thinking out of giving they'll do it. Also be bold as a nonprofit. Don't let your expectations create a ceiling, be bold in your ask and see how people respond. 

DipJar: What have you learned from each other during this webinar?

Clinton: Jared, your bridge of connecting people to your organization with a dip is really effective and smart. That's something I want to do. I also want to create cards that include information about our nonprofit and how to continue giving. We also want to become a consistent presence in a business so we can continue harvesting donations organically. 

Jared: I'm definitely going to be more bold and ask for bigger donations. Having multiple donation options also puts the pressure on people to give a little more which I think could be huge for us. 

dollar for .jpeg

Creative signage and receipt cards add to customization of their DipJars!

Q&A From Viewers: 

Q: How many DipJars did you start with? 

Jared: I started with one and I waited for it to pay for itself, and I did that again, and again. I realized it was working and I bough three more! 

Clinton: We started with three and wondered if it would be worth it. Three months into having our DipJars I wished we had three more. The investment has definitely paid off. 

Q: Where do you suggest DipJars should be placed? 

Jared: If we put a DipJar at a shop, it's always by the front desk. If we're at an event I put the battery pack in my pocket and walk around with the DipJar and get in people's faces! It's not like you're bothering them, they want to get involved and know how to donate. 

Clinton: For us, we have to analyze every venue we go to. I look at where everyone is walking in and out. People want to give so I try to make it convenient for them. 

Q: How do you turn DipJar donors into repeat donors? 

Clinton: DipJar becomes a conversation piece. Our DipJar is always manned by staff and they're there to facilitate those conversations with donors. 

Jared: Nobody dips without getting an info card. It has all the information about getting more involved with our nonprofit. 


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!