Top 10 Blogs for Nonprofits


Blogs are a great way to stay connected to the trends and current events in the nonprofit world. We picked a few of our favorites!  

1. #501SocialBlog

What: Digital marketing and social media tips from expert Julia Campbell 

#501SocialBlog will help you become an expert nonprofit communicator! Julia Campbell shares tips on everything from online fundraising to social media for nonprofits. If you want to learn about nonprofit storytelling, join Julia and the DipJar team for a free webinar on May 8th at 12pm ET; register here!

2. Classy Blog

What: Tips on Everything Nonprofit! 

The Classy Blog shares a wide variety of nonprofit information on topics ranging from leadership and company culture to design and branding. The informative posts are quick and easy reads with lots of helpful infographics! 

3. Joan Garry 

What: A guide to nonprofit leadership 

Joan Garry's blog is a great resource for all nonprofit leaders. Joan Garry knows "nonprofits are messy!" but she's here to help make it easier by breaking her posts down into clear categories for executive directors, board leaders and fundraising. 

4. The Agitator 

What: Tips on nonprofit fundraising and marketing 

The Agitator calls itself "nonprofit fundraising and marketing strategies, trends, tips...with an edge!" Check out this blog for great commentary on current events in the nonprofit field with the research to back it up. 

5. Beth's Blog

What: A go-to blog for nonprofit technology 

Beth's Blog is the place to go to get the low down on nonprofits in technology. Beth Kanter has been an expert on nonprofit technology for nearly a decade which gives her great insight on the ever-changing trends. 

6. Nonprofit Hub 

What: A trusted source for nonprofits

Nonprofit Hub is a trusted source in the nonprofit world! Browse by category to learn about everything from grant writing to volunteer management. 

7. Nonprofit AF 

What: An equally funny and informative nonprofit blog 

Nonprofit AF is guaranteed to make you laugh every Monday; as well as deliver some incredible advice and insight! Author Vu Le runs his own nonprofit and has become an expert in the sector. 

8. Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog 

What: A guide to becoming an expert nonprofit communicator 

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog has great insight on all forms of nonprofit communication; in-person and behind a screen. She also compiles great round-ups of the best nonprofit articles each week!  

9. Pamela grow

What: A blog for small, growing nonprofits 

Pamela Grow is a great resource for small nonprofits looking for tips geared specifically towards their needs. This blog will help you build up as you progress through the nonprofit sector!

10. DipJar Blog

What: All things fundraising, especially in-person donation collection!

The DipJar Blog is the place to get information on everything from fundraising to nonprofit marketing. We're also experts on in-person donation collection! If you want to chat with one of our fundraising experts, just click below! 


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!