11 Organizations That Have DipJar and How They Use It

DipJar is the quickest and easiest option for donating by taking away the need for cash. Easy credit card donations have helped our customers instantly double or even triple their fundraising by making the process fast, easy, and impulsive! Today we are sharing how 11 different organizations use DipJar. 

1. Museums & Art Galleries: We have seen some of the most unique signage and DipJar displays from these organizations. From donate display stands to fun event signage it’s great seeing them get as creative as the work in their galleries.

2. Animal Welfare: We have a very close relationship with a large number of humane societies and shelters. They love DipJar because it opens opens up a new avenue for people to get involved and donate. Our “I Support Animal Welfare” campaign has been so eye-opening for us and we can’t wait to continue to collaborate with the Animal Welfare community. (Learn more about the campaign here

3. Theaters: Support the arts! It’s great hearing how different theater companies have been successful with DipJar. The Actor's Shakespeare Project uses theirs at the end of the show while people exit saying, “If you liked what you saw tonight, please consider making a donation on your way out to support our work." Featuring the DipJar after the show has been successful and we love how they utilize the portability of their DipJar.

4. Food Banks: When people can't donate food, they can donate with the DipJar! Food Banks understand that not everyone will go out and buy canned goods so having an alternative option has been very convenient. Food Banks also have thousands of people coming in and out of their doors for volunteer programs and having the DipJars on site is a low pressure way for people to donate after a wonderful volunteer experience. 

5. Hospitals: Across the country hospitals love how they can support and collect donations for different programs so easily. One month they can use their DipJar for breast cancer awareness and the next can be for an outreach program. They also like how they can set their DipJar up at locations outside of the hospital to generate attention and donations! 

6. Education: DipJar shines on campuses around the nation because of the lack of cash students carry and the satisfying noise the DipJar makes when you donate. Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) uses their DipJar for entrance fees to every football game and universities use them on campuses at contact tables during the year! 


"The DipJar is by far the fastest way to collect money off of credit cards and our #1 choice as a selling tool. We are now the happy owner of three DipJars and our supporters very pleased with the speed of our lines!”
Lorelei McCollough

7. Street Performers: “Buskers” all around the nation love the portability of DipJar that allows them bring in more support for their show. Our long time customer Wacky Chad loves showing off his DipJar during his performance: 

8. Churches: DipJar is making tithing easy and efficient for members of every community! Used to collect donations from visitors throughout the week or showcased at special events, churches love that they capture a wider audience for donations.

9. Tipping: Restaurant owners love it! Setting DipJars up at checkout counters and tables within the restaurant brings in extra tips for hard working employees. ModMarket has been using DipJar at 25 different locations for over a year now. Set up in front of the POS system, they offer customers a way to give cash OR credit cards tips.

Modmarket DipJar.jpg

10. Parks & Conservancies:  There have been a number of Parks who have opted to using DipJar in visitor centers and placed in local businesses around town to bring in extra bucks (not deer). Used to help preserve and protect the parks, the DipJars have been very successful in increasing donations. Many visitors don't plan on having cash on them, but almost everyone always has their credit card on hand.

11. Various Charitable Organizations: Last but not least! As a catch-all, we work with nonprofits big and small, from the national level to local branches and divisions. DipJar has been able to create numerous custom branded face plates to make them stand out!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 5.26.26 PM.png

“Credit card machines are a little clunky. These things you just take plop on a desk, plug them into the charger, and you’re done! I have no complaints – DipJar has made my life so much easier!”
- Devon Ott, Director of Marketing and Communications at Komen of Greater NYC

DipJar has been so lucky to to work with such a wide variety of organizations! It's been such a fun experience learning how each one of them uses DipJar to help support their cause. This was just the tip of the iceberg and if you use DipJar and want to be featured please contact maia.sutton@dipjar.com or mary.anne.savage@dipjar.com