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Maximize Donations with DipJar - Use it Everyday for Fundraising Events!

March 9, 2021

Stop putting your DipJar away with the proverbial 'holiday decorations'!

While DipJar is great to use at your annual gala and fundraising events, you'll gain more value when you use it everyday to collect donations.

Put it in the Lobby

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a free admission sanctuary that is dedicated to the protection and conservation of Florida's wildlife and natural resources. Not only do they provide comprehensive medical and rehabilitative care to over 5,000 injured wild animals, they also offer community outreach programs to over 150,000 people annually. Instead of charging visitors a flat admission fee, they instead encourage them to make a donation using DipJars set up in their Welcome Center!

With three DipJars set at different donation amounts, it allows the visitor to choose how much they want to donate - and the 'dip' makes it fun to give!

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is also a free admission conservation center that uses DipJar to encourage visitors to support their work. When visitors enter the Welcome Center, there are three DipJars set at different amounts to encourage visitors to make a donation before they begin exploring. In offering different donation amounts, it allows visitors in larger groups to choose the DipJar set to a higher amount! And, just in case a visitor missed the DipJar when they entered, Loggerhead has a fourth DipJar set up at the exit of their center so visitors can donate on the way out!

Find a Retail Partner

Friends of Dallas Animal Services is an organization that supports the programs and services of Dallas Animal Services. They rotate the placement of their DipJar, dubbed 'Phoebe', at different partner locations to attract new donors each month. Not only does this allow them to engage new donors, it helps create more partnerships with local businesses!

When they move their DipJar to a new location, they share a picture of Phoebe to their social media to encourage their audience to "visit" and make a donation.

When COVID-19 caused their two biggest annual fundraisers to be cancelled in 2020, Biggies Bullies knew they needed a new

way to reach donors - and DipJar was a great solution. As a foster home based rescue without a public location, they asked a partner sponsor to host their DipJars instead! Petagogy, a local pet supply store, has two locations in Pittsburgh, PA and agreed to host Biggies Bullies DipJars at their store registers to encourage shoppers to 'dip & donate'. Since recently implementing their DipJars, Biggies Bullies has raised over $500 to support their mission.

In 2018, Veterans Community Project partnered with Starbucks locations in Kansas City Metro area to increase awareness and raise more funds to support their programs to eliminate veteran homelessness. They placed their DipJars at the register of seven locations, encouraging customers to donate $5 while ordering their coffee. During this campaign, they were able to raise $36,000!

Spark More Engagement

Coolidge Theatre implemented a Spark campaign with their DipJar to engage donors in a campaign to raise funds to maintain the historic theatre. Their campaign helps engage donors during the giving process in two ways - telling the donor exactly what the donation will be used for and immediately thanking them for their donation!

Customers like Coolidge Theater who use Spark campaigns with their DipJar see almost 7 times the amount of donations versus clients who use the Jar alone.

Choosing the Donation Amount

While we're talking about getting the most value out of your DipJar, we also wanted to talk about how to choose the amount you set for your DipJar(s). Not only does the set amount have a large impact on how much you raise, but it also affects the credit card processing fees charged per transaction.

Unless you choose to set your DipJar for donor covered fees, your organization will be charged a processing rate and fee for each donation 'dip'. While these fees are nominal, they are important to consider! To put it simply, if you set your amount too low, the processing fees will detract more significantly from the donation you receive. So, if you are setting your DipJar to $5 or less, it's best to turn on the donor covered fees. Many donors don’t know that you have to pay transactions fees when they donate by credit card, so, this feature allows them to go the extra mile for your mission and cover those fees!

If you aren't utilizing donor covered fees, we recommend setting your DipJar in the $15 - $50 range! This amount presents a good balance between the processing rate and the per transaction fee, allowing you to put the largest percentage of your donation to work for your organization.

Processing fees still a little confusing? No worries, we're happy to talk you through this! Just contact our Support team.

Want to learn how DipJar can help you Create More Giving Moments? Contact our Sales Team.


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