VCP raises $20,000 and counting with DipJar to build Tiny Houses for Homeless Veterans

Last year in a study created by the veteran association, in January of 2016 a record number of 39,471 homeless veterans were recorded.


Men and Women who served our country were wandering the streets in the winter months. However, this winter season that’s about to change.

In contrast to traditional homeless services, a tiny-home provides veterans with privacy, a sense of security, and the ability to reintegrate into the community in a comfortable place. The VCP however is NOT a Government funded program so they rely solely on donations, partnership and contributions.  VCP found people were willing to donate, but they either were not carrying cash, or didn't want to hand over their credit card to be processed. The answer? DipJar! The VCP now has a total of 20 DipJars at their location! These DipJar’s have been able to raise 20,000 Dollars, which allows 4 vets to have a safe space to live. It was quoted that:

“We see it as a valuable tool that we essentially can’t operate without!”


The Veterans Community Project has several creative strategies to help them make the most of their DipJars:

VCP Edited -1.jpg

1. Educate your donors 

The VCP uses digital picture frames to educate donors about their organization and how to use DipJar! Donors learn while they are waiting in line to tour the tiny houses, so they are ready to dip once they go inside. 

2. Make the dipping contagious

Sometimes donors need a little push before they start donating. VCP solved this problem by having one of their employees kick off the dipping. Once one person dips, it becomes contagious!

3. Finding local partners 

Many companies love having the chance to give back to nonprofits. VCP lends their DipJars out to several local organizations who participate in fundraising on behalf of Veterans Community Project.