Weekly Customer Success Roundup 3/5/2018

We want to help better connect the DipJar community! These weekly roundups will share some of our customer's DipJar tips and best practices. Here are the most creative and successful fundraising stories from the past week:

Daraja Children's Choir 

Daraja Children's Choir immediately learned the power of setting DipJar to higher dollar amounts and saw a significant increase in donations rolling in. They originally had their DipJars set to $10, $25 and $40 and quickly made the switch to $25, $40 and $60. They offer donors Daraja Children's Choir stickers, but only to those who double dip! They also quickly learned that the location of the DipJar is key, the more foot traffic the better, and it is always helpful to a have a staff members manning the DipJars to make the donating experience more personal. 

IMG_0022-01-03-18-11-08 (1).JPG

YMCA of Pueblo 

YMCA of Pueblo uses DipJar's set dollar amounts to strategically fund specific programs. At a recent event, they set their DipJar to $28 which is the amount needed to fund a sixth grader's membership at the Y. They raised around $1,500 at that event using DipJar, and will continue to use the power of suggested dollar amounts to raise funds for other programs with their DipJar stationed at the front desk.

DSC_0635 (2).JPG