Weekly Fundraising Success Roundup 5/14/018

We want to help better connect the DipJar community! These weekly roundups will share some of our customer's DipJar tips and best practices. Here are the most creative and successful fundraising stories from the past week:

Women's Lunch Place 

Women's Lunch Place is a shelter in Boston that provides women with food and medical care. They set up a kiosk in the mall to sell mother's day cards designed by the women. The cards sold for $25 and the DipJar was placed in the middle of a branded display that drew in potential donors walking around the mall. This fundraising strategy provided Women's Lunch Place with another opportunity to collect donations beyond events and cause marketing. They raised over $1,100 with DipJar!


Building Impact 

Building Impact is an organization that forms relationships with local nonprofits and businesses, and connects volunteers with causes to create the biggest impact. They recently hosted their annual gala, an event that previously never had a fundraising component. With the addition of DipJar to their fundraising plan, they decided to have a one at the event as a low-pressure ask. The guests turned out to be happy to have the opportunity to donate and Building Impact raised $950 with DipJar in one night!