Weekly Fundraising Success Roundup 7/16/2018

We want to help better connect the DipJar community! These weekly roundups will share some of our customers' DipJar tips and best practices. Here are the most creative and successful fundraising stories from the past week:

Feeding South Dakota 

Feeding South Dakota used DipJar at their first annual event recently and loved it! As the DipJar was displayed on stage, it sparked curiosity among the crowd. The combination of curiosity and the charismatic volunteer manning the jar allowed for Feeding South Dakota to cover the cost of their DipJar at the first event using it! Donors became super engaged with the fun way to donate. The organizers of the event even said, "We should have one at every vendor station from now on!" 

unnamed (6).png

Somerville Chocolates 

Located in Aeronaut Brewery, Somerville Chocolates uses DipJar as a fun way to entice brewery customers. As customers flow in and out for a fun night in the brewery, they have the option to have a delicious indulgence from Somerville Chocolates. They dip, they see the lights, they hear the sound, they eat their chocolate! Buying chocolate has never been more enjoyable. Using the honor system, they leave a DipJar set at $9 and let the mix of excitement and customer enthusiasm run the business. With the seamless process of using DipJar, Somerville Chocolates gets awesome daily intake!

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If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!