What I Learned at the Classy Collaborative: How to Leverage Facebook to Drive Donations

I joined the nonprofit community at the 2019 Classy Collaborative! This conference was a great opportunity to learn from experts, and connect with some awesome organizations face-to-face. Looking for a conference to attend next year? Early bird tickets are on sale now! Keep scrolling to hear what I learned at How to Leverage Facebook to Drive Donations and Engage Fundraisers.

How to Leverage Facebook to Drive Donations and Engage Fundraisers

Everybody’s newsfeed has been flooded with Facebook fundraisers recently! This tool is a great way to give individuals (and brands) the opportunity to connect with their peers and raise money on behalf of the nonprofits they care about. This panel combined Facebook’s social good team with nonprofits who have seen an increase in donations since using the platform.

The Panel:

1. Classy: Barrett Frankel, Senior Manager Customer Success Management Team

2. Heifer International: Carly Samuelson, P2P Program Manager

3. LIVESTRONG: Jessica Murphy, Director of Marketing & Communications

4. Facebook: Kendra Sinclair, Strategic Partner Manager

Key Takeaways:

1. Facebook isn’t going anywhere!

Despite the popularity of other social media platforms, Facebook is here to stay. Why not capitalize on this opportunity to meet donors where they are, scrolling through their newsfeed!

2. Public Recognition

It’s human nature for people to be drawn to opportunities for public recognition, especially when it comes to being charitable! Facebook provides a great platform for donors to share their philanthropic spirit with their online friends.

3. Grassroots Movements

Facebook’s fundraising tools give individuals the opportunity to spark grassroots fundraising movements! Both nonprofits on the panel cited times in which they stumbled up fundraisers supporting their cause, that they had no idea existed. Heifer International calls it “magic money!”

The Elephant in the Room:

Drumroll please…..donor data! “What donor data do we receive?” Is often the number one questions when it comes to nonprofits. Facebook addressed this concern head on. Sometimes it’s not possible to collect all the donor data you’d like, and that’s ok! Heifer International and Livestrong both determined that it’s more important to capitalize on this opportunity for steady donations, than it is to worry about obtaining donor information. Jessica stated they learned to “lean in” to this new donation collection channel, and learned to analyze larger demographics and donor types rather than individuals.


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