What I Learned at the Classy Collaborative: Lessons From Crazy, Creative Fundraising Ideas that Worked

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I joined the nonprofit community at the 2019 Classy Collaborative! This conference was a great opportunity to learn from experts, and connect with some awesome organizations face-to-face. Looking for a conference to attend next year? Early bird tickets are on sale now! Keep scrolling to hear what I learned at Lessons from Crazy, Creative Fundraising Ideas that Worked.

Todd Phillips: The Last Well


Out of the Box Stunt!

Todd Phillips of The Last Well pledged to live on a 20x20x7 ft barge 24/7 until he raised $2.3 million to provide safe drinking water to Liberia. He achieved his goal by living on the barge for 27 days! A Facebook Live campaign, new donors and his commitment to the cause, helped make this outrageous stunt a major success.

Why it Worked:

1. Local Engagement was HUGE! A large percentage of the donors came from the city in which the stunt took place. Events and campaigns are a great way to rally the community together for a good cause.

2. Many people cared more about the stunt than the mission…and that’s ok! At the end of the day, people still donated. These one time donors were extremely valuable in making this campaign such a success.

3. The end date of the campaign was compelling to donors. Creating a time window in which a goal needs to be achieved is a great way to motivate donors to make a spontaneous gift.

4. This stunt was unique. The newsworthy nature of the campaign ensured it gained the widespread attention that it did!

5. The Facebook live series really allowed people to feel connected to Todd Phillips and the cause. Potential donors could follow Todd every step of the way, and feel like they were a part of his journey. Click below to check it out!



A Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership

Joel Runyon of IMPOSSIBLE was approached by Pencils of Promise to help them raise some serious money. That’s how The 777 Project was born! Joel ran 7 ultra marathons, in 7 continents to build 7 schools. He raised over $193,000 with this project!

Why it Worked:

1. A nonprofit-corporate partnership was extremely valuable. Pencils of Promise was not afraid to step out of the box to ask Joel Runyon for help! Both parties were able to accomplish more together than they would have alone.

2. The name of the project, 777, was a super effective way to communicate the message. It made it easy for potential donors to remember the project, and spread the word to their friends!

3. Both parties benefited! Pencils of Promise received a serious influx in donations, and Joel Runyon got some publicity about the stunt. Check out the video below to learn more!

Stay tuned for more stories from The Classy Collaborative!


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