What to Do When Your Nonprofit Loses Funding

Burning Tiger Robotics

Seventeen years ago a Brighton, MA high school teacher, Elly-May O'Toole, realized her classroom had become an after school gathering place for kids who were looking for something to be a part of. O'Toole joined a group of these students to seek out funding to form a robotics team, and the Burning Tigers were born. The program grew and provided a wide variety of kids the opportunity to learn robotics and engineering, and most importantly be a part of a team. Unfortunately, as the team grew the funding did not, and the Burning Tigers were left wondering if they could continue competing. 


the Makery 

A local makerspace came to the rescue and adopted the Burning Tigers Robotics team. The Makery provides O'Toole and the students a workshop three days a week as well as funding for travel and supplies. However, this comes at a price and the Makery and Burning Tigers needed to look to the community for additional support. 

Robotics Fun-Raiser 

The Makery offered to host an event to give their online fundraising an extra boost. The Robotics Fun-Raiser drew a crowd of about 35 locals who gathered together to eat, listen to speakers and make donations. The event brought in $1,400 to support the kids. The Makery loved that the DipJars were branded with the Burning Tigers logo, making it extremely clear where the money was going. DipJar's pre-set dollar amounts helped to cut out the awkwardness donors often faced when asked to donate what they deem "appropriate." The $10 and $25 DipJars made for good starting points allowing donors to either dip once, or multiple times! It goes to show that DipJar can help even the smallest group of people make a big impact.

If you want to support the Burning Tigers, go here to make a donation. 


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!