What's New With DipJar?

Big things are happening here at DipJar and we want to give you all an update! Here are some noteworthy stats, best practices and special offers.

By the numbers

We are growing! Here's a look at how far DipJar is reaching:

1. We are used by over 1,400 nonprofit organizations 

We have many customers, but one of our new favorite organizations using DipJar is the Veterans Community Project. This organization is raising money for their Tiny Houses for Homeless Veterans campaign by placing DipJars in Starbucks.

2. There are over 3,000 DipJars being used today 

Some customers have one DipJar and others have hundreds. And there's everything in between! One of our larger customers, Susan G. Komen, has found immense DipJar success by pushing fundraising during breast cancer awareness month using their many jars. The gyms housing their DipJars have been asking for even more jars to keep up with donations.

3. You can find DipJars in all 50 states  

DipJars are helping nonprofits raise money all over the US! From Catholic Charities in Spokane, Washington to libraries in Missouri, jars are raising thousands of dollars across the country.

4. The average dip amount is now $15 and that number is rising

$1 and $2 dips are great but $1000 dips are better! The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention learned about the power of high dollar amounts when their one DipJar set to $25 had more dips than all three $10 jars combined! Similarly, Friends of Kansas City Public Library had 15 times more dips in their $100 DipJar than their $20 DipJar.  


Customize your cause! Our new printer is up and running and creating beautiful, high-quality logos on the front of DipJars. Choose from one of our seven colors and make your organization's logo stand out. Remember, we are offering free branding on all orders through October 20th; don't miss out! 

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Best practices 

We've learned a lot about what makes nonprofits most succesful while using DipJar. Here are some best practices your organization can adopt to boost fundraising:

1. Higher dollar amounts 

The average dip amount across all nonprofits is $15, and this number is rising every month. People are learning about the power of high dollar amounts. Donors are more willing to give than you think; they will dip because they want to donate generously to your cause!

2. Dipping demonstrations 

Sometimes donors just need a nudge to get giving! Many organization's have used the "dipping demonstration" strategy at their events. A board member or volunteer dips in front of the attendees to show them what DipJar is all about, and helps get them in the spirit of giving! 

3. Make dipping fun!

Make sure your DipJars are stationed in a central location so everyone can get in on the action. DipJar's lights and sounds are a great tool to draw in donors. You can even offer recognition or prizes to the biggest dippers! 

Rebecca Toporoff