Why Business Partnerships are the Key to Daily Fundraising

Business partnerships are the perfect fundraising tactic to engage your community. Getting businesses involved with your nonprofit is not only beneficial to you, but also provides many advantages to the business partners. You should treat these partnerships like a relationship. Start with the flirty low asks, work together, and move towards the bigger commitment.  

ECPAT USA sets an amazing example of how to initiate business partnerships by advertising their DipJars on their website and allowing businesses to take jars for select periods of time. Check it out here:


This tactic is a great way to ensure steady intake whether it's between events or one of your main tactics. With their DipJar webpage, ECPAT can initiate business partnerships seamlessly with little effort from volunteers and the business!

Once initiated, the possibilities of business partnerships are endless. 

Benefits for Your Nonprofit:

  1. Increased funding: whether its steady and small or bigger down the road, business partnerships will increase funds.

  2. Expand donor base: employees, customers, and friends of the business will be exposed to your nonprofit as the partnership commences.

  3. Connect to new business partners: their network will become your network and many businesses can support your organization.

  4. Attract new volunteers, Board, pro bono services: you never know who your cause will attract, your business partners may want to do even more!

  5. Increase brand recognition: work on co-branding and media sharing to increase publicity for both you and the business.

  6. Resources: businesses can provide food, volunteers, and more if you need help with a fundraiser.

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Lloyd Edwards: Fundraising Expert

"Business partnerships are vital for the success and growth of a non-profit. A business partnership can offer more than just recurring donations. They offer supplies such as food, text books or just tables and chairs, they can offer volunteers for various events and they put your non-profit's brand in front of a brand-new audience, an audience that your non-profit isn't responsible for finding! Businesses are often active with their marketing, especially on social media. This is a great opportunity for your non-profit to start a conversation about your cause, in front of a new and larger audience."

If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!

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