Your Guide to DipCast: Real-Time Donation Tracking for Nonprofits

Haven’t heard of DipCast yet? Here’s your chance to get the low-down on DipJar’s newest product. Check out our most recent webinar. One of our fundraising experts answered your questions live! Keep scrolling for a recap and some more DipCast resources.


Q: Do you need a DipCast for each screen you would like to use?

A: Yes! All your DipCasts will update simultaneously.

Q: Is there an extra charge to customize?

A: Nope, customization is included! We can incorporate your color scheme, logo and custom text. Just like with DipJar, we will send you some mock-ups to approve. You can customize your screen (and goal) as many times as you’d like during your subscription.

Q: When does the customization happen?

A: Customization happens before each event or campaign. You can contact us to begin brainstorming!

Q: How much does DipCast cost?

A: DipCast cost $50 a month with a minimum of a 6 month commitment.

Need some inspiration to make the most out of your DipCast? Check out the videos below to get some fun and creative ideas!


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