Your Guide to Marketing for Nonprofits

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A strategic marketing plan can help your nonprofit raise awareness and take in a lot more donations! We put all our best marketing tips in one place to help you get started.

Also, check out our guide to social media for nonprofits.

Marketing terminology

Marketing can be intimidating, so staying up to date on the new terminology is the best place to start! Check out our marketing series "Terminology Tuesday" to learn about everything from creative commons to rich site summary:

1. Terminology Tuesday Part 1: Digital Marketing

2. Terminology Tuesday Part 2: Social Media Marketing

3. Terminology Tuesday Part 3: Content Marketing

4. Terminology Tuesday Part 4: Email Marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing; it’s a love-hate relationship! Our inboxes are flooded everyday, yet it’s still an extremely effective marketing tool. Did you know that nonprofits lose about $15,000 a year due to spam filters? Learn more about email marketing here!


Storytelling is key to marketing, but it becomes even more important when running a nonprofit! We have a few great blog posts that will help you convince donors to give to your cause:

Here is a great webinar on social media storytelling that can apply to all aspects of your marketing:


It is extremely important to “show” not “tell” in all of your marketing! Original, eye-catching content will make the viewer stop scrolling and want to learn more:

Don't have a graphic designer? No problem! There are a variety of templates and websites that can help you bring your nonprofit's data and info to life.

Free options include Canva, and infogram.

If you're willing to spend a little try fivver or visually.

Writing Style

Consistency is key throughout all of your marketing. Make sure each piece feels cohesive and on brand: The Importance of Defining Your Nonprofits Voice and Tone

Nonprofit jargon may be commonplace in your office, but make sure to keep it out of all external communication: 4 Reasons to Stop Using Nonprofit Jargon


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!