You've got questions? We've got answers!

You asked so we are answering! After speaking with hundreds of customers our Fundraising Success Teamhas come up with the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you better understand DipJar. 

What is DipJar?

DipJar is a secure and quick device that allows you to collect credit and debit card donations! You choose the preset dollar amount so that donors don’t have to think about the right amount to give -- they dip and 3 seconds later they've made a contribution to your organization. 

Can I change the donation amount?

Of course! The pre-set dollar amount is adjustable. You cannot change the amount directly on the DipJar; however, you are able to make adjustments through your online dashboard. The amount can be changed from $1 to $1,000 in less than five minutes (and yes, we've had plenty of $1,000 dips) 

DipJar's biggest asset is its speed and efficiency so jar owners set it to an appropriate amount given the event or audience. If donors want to give more they can always double...or triple dip! 

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma took advantage of different donation amounts at their recent event.

How can I get a receipt?

If a donor wants a receipt for their generous contribution they can go to

Just enter three simple things we will send a receipt your way!

How do payouts work?

It’s up to you! Choose to take in your donations weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. Money will be deposited directly into the bank account you provide us. You will also get an email notification about the payout and the amount.

Who uses DipJar?

Who doesn’t?! There are thousands of DipJars across the United States used by everyone from the smallest food banks to the largest nonprofits in the country.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 5.26.26 PM-2.png

What are the best ways to use DipJar?

There are so many applications like raffle tickets, entrance fees, sale of merchandise, simple donations at your office, or tipping! Try them out and see what works best for you. Want to learn more? Check out a post on 11 Different Organizations and how they use DipJar.

How much?

The DipJar is $399 which includes the jar plus your first year of coverage. After the first year it is $99 per year to keep your DipJar operational. 

How does it connect?

DipJar doesn’t connect to WiFi or tether to your phone. We operate on a super reliable cellular infrastructure using a hybrid Verizon/Sprint network that’s just like your cell phone coverage but more expansive. The $99 you pay after the first year pays for that cellular connection for the year!

Transaction fees?

DipJar’s credit card processing fee is 6% + 17¢ per transaction. This competitive, all-inclusive rate is the same no matter kind of card your donor dips with.

What does it come with?

When you purchase a DipJar you get the DipJar itself, a power adapter, sign post, test credit card, and an instruction booklet. It's everything you need to get rolling!

How do I set it up?

Plug it in, plug it in…
Once you receive your DipJar you just plug it into an outlet and you’re ready to start dipping. It's already set up and connected to your bank account!

So I need an outlet?

Not at all! Go to our online store and make your DipJar mobile with our portability kit. Bring your DipJar to any event no matter the location. See how an outdoor theatre group really capitalized on portable DipJars here.

What info do we get when a donor makes a donation?

After a donor dips his or her credit card you will have access to the following information...

  • Amount of the donation
  • Time and date of the dip
  • Donor's first and last name

Due to limitations in data that appears on a credit card's magnetic strip, we do not gather information like the donor's email address or phone number from these transactions- we provide you with all the data we are able to collect. 

Can I customize my DipJar?

Yes! We can add your brand or logo at no extra charge. All we need is a high resolution image or vector and our media team will take it from there.

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Okay then, how do I buy one?

Easy! Just go to our online store at to get started. Once you place your order you'll have it in your hands, fully set up, and ready to go within a couple days. If you plan on getting it customized go ahead and purchase your DipJars at the store and contact a sales associate about branding. 

Still have some questions?

If you still want to learn more about DipJar you can chat with one of our friendly employees here.

Mary Anne Savage