The Salvation Army

The Need

The Salvation Army was looking for a credit card solution to supplement their iconic red kettles, as well as a tool to enable collections in retail settings where the red kettle campaign may not be an option.

The Solution

With 90 DipJars in three states, The Salvation Army was able to engage existing and new retail partners in supporting the organization without having to pass any funds through their internal accounting systems.

The Result

Over $3700 in annualized intake at one Denver thrift shop with no previous collections

Over $800 in annual intake at rehabilitation center in Wisconsin

Corporate partners can show commitment to the Salvation Army without accounting or POS integrations


I love the ease of use, branded Salvation Army red units, and delight of the confirmation sound. It's also wonderful to work with a company that offers such personal and customized campaign support. The DipJar team has been amazing to work with. They are true professionals who understand the world of philanthropy and business and I've been very impressed by them and their process every step of the way.

Maria Todaro Corporate Relations Manager for the USA Western Territory


Fresh Arts


In the past we found that many would-be donors were being turned away because they don’t carry cash — so DipJar has helped enormously with small donations, especially at our larger functions. Actually, people have started to suspect that I work for DipJar secretly because I talk about it so much at our events!

Sarah Stevens Operations and Administration


The Need

Fresh Arts needed a way to collect donations in the Washington Avenue Arts District from attendees of their events and from other supporters of the local artistic community.

The Solution

Fresh Arts deployed four DipJars at events, enabling easy, instantaneous donations from generous supporters.

The Result

Over $5000 collected over the course of 2 events

Predominantly $2, $3, and $4 donations

Completely seamless collection that was fun and easy for volunteers working the events

New York Public Library

The Need

Visitors to the library’s main branch are offered a free audio tour guide and are asked for a donation in exchange. The library was missing out on contributions from visitors who didn’t have cash.

The Solution

One DipJar was set up at the audio tour station, able to collect credit and debit donations for those taking the audio tour.

The Result

The library collects $150-$200 a month in $5 donations

Cash donations have also gone up, as the DipJar has helped set a $5 norm

The NYPL gets a 10x return on its DipJar investment with no back-end burden


In the age when many walk around without cash, the DipJar is a quick and easy way for visitors to the Library and Schomburg Center to make a donation. Other causes should consider DipJar if they have frequent visitors (day to day traffic or special events) and feel there is an untapped potential to convert these visitors to donors.

Shayla Titley Manager, Membership Programs


Faces of Diabetes


In a world where checks and paper money are becoming an archaic method of payment, it’s important to have any and all available options in order to gain funds. DipJar has helped gain funds with lower costs than other available options as well as giving a new and intriguing way to donate.

Edward Fieder Executive Director


The Need

The Faces of Diabetes uses partnerships with local businesses in Alabama to collect donations and raise awareness about living with diabetes. They needed a solution to generate revenue from supporters without cash on hand.

The Solution

One DipJar was deployed in Alabama with multiple merchants, each for a short period of one to two weeks. With a clear ask and rotation into new environments, the charity was able to generate high intake with no burden on their retail partners.

The Result

One retail location collected 137 donations of $1 over four days

Another merchant collected $40 in one day for the charity

Retail partners were excited to place the DipJar on their counters — DipJar enabled them to support the cause without any burden of back-end accounting or transfer of funds

CAN'd Aid Foundation

The Need

CAN’d Aid raises funds at biking and music events and at the Oskar Blues Brewery for towns in need across the country. They needed a way to engage more event attendees and to seamlessly collect donations at their permanent location.

The Solution

CAN’d Aid got two DipJars — one for events and one for the brewery. They set both to $5 to solicit quick but meaningful collections from new donors.

The Result

Over $1000 collected in first month of use

All in $5 increments at two DipJars

Speed and low-barrier are ideal for soliciting new hands-on donations


DipJar provides a great vehicle for you to reach potential donors that are looking for a quick, no-strings way to give back. They don’t want to be added to a mailing list and don’t want thank-you letters for tax records. They want to donate a few bucks and be on their way.

Sarah Leavitt Program Director


Modern Market


It's a 75-cent to a dollar raise per hour, per employee.

Anthony Pigliacampo Owner


The Need

This fast casual chain "pleases guests and attracts crowds no matter the location" (Eater). Because of the high volume of customers and high quality of service that accompany Modern Market's delicious locally grown food, owner Anthony Pigliacampo needed a way to let customers show appreciation for staff without slowing down his lines.

The Solution

Modern Market now has a DipJar at each register — bringing in thousands of dollars of new income for his employees from his happy customers each month.

The Result

Over $1000 a week in new tips collected – $32,000+ so far

Happy customers give tips without slowing down speed of service

New DipJars are added at every new store opened

The Bean

The Need

Customers at The Bean’s four stores wanted to tip their baristas, but folks paying with credit and debit cards had no tipping option. Lost tips meant lower take-home pay and lower morale.

The Solution

The Bean’s owners decided to test a DipJar at one store. After a week, the owners saw DipJar’s power to easily generate new tips and expanded to all four locations.

The Result

On track for $20,000 in brand-new income for earners in their first year.

For every $1 paid to DipJar, The Bean’s baristas receive $25 of new income

Individual employees are receiving up to a $0.44 per hour raise from the DipJar

Baristas are happier, and customers love that they can tip with plastic


At first we were hesitant to use DipJar, since we thought it was a waste of counter space and nobody would be willing to spend extra time dipping their card again after a transaction was completed. However, we were happily surprised with the results, and they keep getting higher and higher each month. More importantly, my staff is super excited that they get this ‘extra’ money when in the past it did not exist. I am happy to be a part of DipJar's growing business.

Sammy Cohen Owner


Laughing Man Coffee & Tea


We are having a great response to the DipJar. People are really taking to it, and I think just have fun using it. They really love the idea.

David Steingard CEO


The Need

Hugh Jackman's coffee shop in lower Manhattan donates all proceeds to charity, particularly aimed at helping farmers and their families. The store needed a way to help their employees benefit from the same spirit of generosity that goes into every cup of coffee.

The Solution

DipJar was the solution Laughing Man needed, so that generous customers can benefit the baristas in the same way their purchases benefits the coffee farmers whose beans are being brewed.

The Result

About $250 in new tips collected every week

On track for over $12,000 in new intake from one DipJar

DipJar service paid back 5x in first month

Kigo Kitchen

The Need

This Seattle chain serves wok-fired rice, noodle, and greens bowls fresh, fast, and for under $10. A mainstay of business lunchers, Kigo needed a way to keep employees happy and morale up as the lines expanded.

The Solution

With DipJar, Kigo Kitchen can fire up flame-red DipJars at the counter for customers to leave tips for the talented staff keeping them fed every day.

The Result

Over $4000 in new tips collected so far from just two DipJars

$80-$120 in new tips collected each week at first store

DipJar added to new Fifth Avenue location as chain expanded; $170 collected in first week


DipJar enables us to be more competitive with higher end restaurants from a compensation perspective, without putting additional burden onto the restaurant finances. We can offer our employees a fairly good tip rate (it's above $.50/hr now), keep our through-put fast, and share the tips among the whole team. It's a great solution.

Amy Blettel Director of Operations