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Is using DipJar as easy as you say?

Absolutely! You dip your credit or debit card into the DipJar and pull it out. That's it. You've given the fixed tip amount emblazoned on the front of the DipJar to the appreciative workers behind the counter or to a worthy charitable cause.

How am I charged for my DipJar giving?

DipJar amounts are preset — $5 for most locations — so you'll always know how much you're donating when you dip your debit or credit card. All DipJar transactions will appear on your bill with the tag "DPJ" along with additional information about the recipient store or cause (e.g. "DPJ * Double Dip Café").

I dipped by accident — how do I request a refund?

Send an email to support@dipjar.com with your name, the date of the accidental dip, and the last four digits of the card you used, and we'll issue a refund.

What's wrong with just leaving cash?

Cash isn't going away, but there's a staggering move towards use of debit and credit cards for everyday purchases. As counter transactions switch to plastic, customers no longer have a way to leave a tip. We want to give everyone the opportunity to reward their favorite employees while still enjoying the ease of paying with plastic.

Shouldn't stores just pay their employees higher wages?

We love when hardworking employees are rewarded for their efforts — through both wages and tips. What we hear from our customers is that they're paying their employees as much as they can afford, and that tips are just another way to make sure workers get compensated for the passion and diligence they bring to their jobs. We believe that when it comes to wages, DipJar is a supplement — not a replacement.


Who is DipJar for?

DipJar is for anyone who wants to easily collect electronic gratuities — e.g. countertop tips in coffee shops, contributions to barbers or buskers, and donations to charity.

But what about credit card fees — aren't cash tips better for employees?

It's true: processing fees are a reality of credit card transactions, including ours. Still, people who pay with cash tip and donate with cash, while people who pay with plastic can't give at all. Even after the fees, we're still generating all-new intake for DipJar beneficiaries. People want to be generous, but when they don't have cash or coins on hand, they can't be — we exist to close this gap. Additionally, we do everything possible to minimize fees assessed by the card issuers and processors — and as we get bigger, we'll be able to keep getting those rates lower so recipients can take home even more.

Will customer credit card information be secure?

Yes. DipJars encrypt credit card information immediately upon card dip and transmit it via SSL connection to our servers. We operate under the highest standards of PCI-DSS credit card security compliance.

How does DipJar connect? do I need a wi-fi network or wiring?

DipJar uses a 3G connection to communicate with our servers. Besides plugging the DipJar into a power outlet, no other wiring or physical set-up is necessary.

What about other ways of paying, like NFC or a barcode on my cell phone — can DipJar handle those?

We are excited about equipping DipJar to handle all forms of electronic payment. Right now our DipJars only accept credit and debit cards, but, as payment technologies advance, we'll advance right along with them.

Is DipJar available outside the U.S.?

Right now, DipJar is only available in the United States. If you're an international customer interested in getting DipJar, let us know and we'll get in touch when we're coming your way!


How does dipping work?

Customers place their credit or debit card into the DipJar, then pull it out. If their dip is successful, the DipJar lights up and makes a confirmation sound. That’s it!

Where should we put our DipJar?

DipJars work best if they’re next to cash tip jars, so that they’re accessible and so it’s clear to customers what they’re for.

Can we customize our DipJar?

Each DipJar comes with a clip for explanatory signage. You can use the card that comes with the DipJar — but if you write a personal message telling customers they can use DipJar to tip you, it’s even better!

What if the DipJar doesn't confirm success?

If the DipJar doesn’t light up/play its sound, the customer might have dipped too slowly, too shallowly, or put their card in the wrong way. Take a look at the icon on the front of the DipJar to see the proper orientation.

How do I get paid?

Your store gets a payout of all tips earned via DipJar every week or two (depending on what the store owner and manager choose), and then they forward your earnings to you.

What about credit card fees?

It’s true: processing fees are a reality of credit card transactions, including ours. It costs 17¢ + 3% to process DipJar transactions, so you receive 80¢ of every $1 tip. (Most of that 20¢ goes to the credit card issuers and banks — not DipJar!) Still, tip earners at stores using DipJar tell us that people who pay with cash tip with cash, while people who pay with plastic are now tipping for the first time. Cash tips do not go down. This will all be new money in your pockets!

What about taxes?

Unless your cash and credit card tips are added to your payroll by your employer, you are responsible to report both as income.

Do you have examples of successful DipJar stores?

We have hundreds of DipJars generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of new income for hardworking tip earners. Take a look at dipjar.tumblr.com or follow us @dipjar on Twitter and Instagram to see lots of examples!