Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

A DipJar costs $399 and that price includes the first year of coverage. After that, it’s $99 a year to keep your DipJar operational.

What are the transaction fees?

The fees are 6 percent plus 17 cents per transaction. 

How do I set it up?

After purchasing, you will be prompted to create an online dashboard account. Once you receive your DipJar, all you have to do is plug it in! The DipJar will immediately connect to the cellular network and you can begin collecting donations instantly!

What information can I acquire about my donors?

We can provide you with the donor’s first and last name, the time and date of the dip, and the amount of the donation.

Can I change the donation amount?

Of course! The preset dollar amount is adjustable. You cannot change the amount directly on the DipJar; however, you are able to make adjustments through your online dashboard. The amount can be changed from $5 to $1,000 in less than five minutes. DipJar's biggest asset is its speed and efficiency. Owners set their DipJar to an appropriate amount given the event or audience. If donors want to give more they can always double...or triple dip! 

Can a donor request a receipt?

Yes! Direct them here to request a receipt.

How does DipJar connect?

DipJar doesn’t connect to WiFi or tether to your phone. We operate on an extremely reliable cellular infrastructure that’s just like your cell phone coverage but even better! The annual $99 you pay, after the first year, covers this service.

How do I receive the funds I collect?

You'll tell us the bank account (or accounts) you need funds to land in, and we'll deposit your intake net of fees either weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Can I brand my DipJars?

Of course! Customize your cause by having us print your organization's logo right on your DipJar. With high-quality, full color printing, donors will have an increased sense of trust by associating DipJar with your brand. Email a high resolution image of your logo to after you order.

How will a DipJar donation appear on a donor's credit card statement?

All DipJar transactions will appear on a donor's credit card statement with the tag "DPJ" along with additional information about the nonprofit. 

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