DipJar Features


Power up and you’re ready for donors to dip! It’s designed to be used by anyone and everyone who wants to fundraise for your organization.

Lights & Sounds

Cha-ching! The DipJar’s lights and sounds make donating fun and contagious. Once people hear it, everyone will want a chance to dip!

Quick Transactions

Donors can donate in less time than it takes to order a cup of coffee! We mean it when we say DipJar is fast, easy, and fun.

Donor Covered Fees

Give donors the option to cover the transaction fees associated with their donation, meaning your organization gets 100% of the intended donation.

The Dashboard

Get access to a suite of tools to help you stay informed about your campaigns and hone your strategy. These tools include donation tracking, campaign specific impact results, and donor management.

Regularly use these reports to identify successful DipJars and campaigns, and those that are underperforming so you know where to change your strategy to increase donations. Utilize donor behavior reporting to better understand where and when your supporters are most engaged.

Give your whole team access to The Dashboard to ensure everyone has access to these important insights.

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