Spark Features

Easy Customization

Engage donors by telling your story. Choose a theme, font colors, upload a background image, and write a compelling message.

Multiple Campaigns

Whether you’re making an ask for year-end donations, a capital campaign, or a new program, Spark campaigns drive your message directly to your audience.

Progress Updates

Motivate supporters to help you reach your fundraising goals by showing them the impact of their donation with real time progress updates.

Donor Engagement

Educate donors about your organization’s mission through your campaign’s storytelling to engage them in your work.

Goal Driven Engagement

Spark’s dynamic campaigns motivate your donors to participate in your fundraising! Its storytelling capabilities engage them in your mission through compelling text and images while the real-time donation tracking thermometer encourages them to participate to help you reach your goal. Once a donor ‘dips’, your campaign’s thermometer will increase and thank them on the screen!